Learning and Working from Home with the MSI CUBI 5 and MSI PRO MP242 Monitor

One pastime I have is looking at gaming set-ups of different people online. But what I tend to gravitate towards are the minimalist set-ups. I guess when you’re a mom and you have tons of stuff at home (mostly owned by your child), it’s hard to look for a huge space where you can set up your equipment, and enjoy both working, playing and learning. It was great that I recently got to try the MSI Cubi 5 and the MSI PRO MP242 Monitor.

Review of the MSI Cubi 5 and MSI PRO MP242 Monitor

Setting up both the MSI Cubi 5 and MSI PRO MP242 Monitor was easy and both doesn’t take up much space. Let me go through each device for your appreciation.

MSI Cubi 5

The MSI Cubi 5 is a mini-PC that has enough power for most of your usual activities from live streaming, remote learning, editing documents and spreadsheets, and joining teleconference calls. With these specs that I’m currently using, 8GB of RAM, 500 GB SSD, and i5 processor (Note that the RAM & SSD are not included and sold separately with MSI Cubi5 10M), gone are the days when my daughter had to set up an alarm 5 minutes before her classes just to prepare her computer (so that it boots up on time). These components are upgradable by the way: RAM can be upgraded to 64GB and you can also choose to upgrade up to an i7 processor. 

I love that the MSI CUBI 5 also has SIX USB ports, including one USB Type C. Amazing right? I always have more than enough ports to attach all the devices that I need for vlogging and streaming from ring lights to cameras to external hard drives that I use for editing. It also comes with separate audio in and audio out mini stereo female ports. This is what we use to plug in a condenser microphone via the dedicated audio in port.

MSI PRO MP242 Monitor

For us to relax and unwind, we use CUBI and attach it to our TV. We then get to watch our favorite shows online. When we need connectivity that’s faster and more stable, we can easily plug in a LAN cable from the router straight to the CUBI.

I noticed that we can also cut down on our electricity bills since the CUBI also consumes a lot less electricity than our desktop PCs. For us, this means we can leave it on for longer. It’s perfect as a media server for our home or even a Minecraft server for our daughter and her cousins who need to be able to login at any time.

I mentioned my need for space so what I love the most though about the MSI Cubi 5 is how tiny it is! For those who have seen my table in pictures, I have a lot of stuff on my desk. Now, I have so much more space for all my hand sanitizers and books. We can also take space saving a step further because it comes with a VESA mount, meaning we can attach it to the back of compatible monitors and even TVs!

Speaking of monitors, let me share with you my thoughts on the MSI PRO MP242 Monitor. This monitor is a HUGE 1920×1080 widescreen monitor that can easily fit 2 windows beside each other in the same view. It’s perfect for my daughter so she can have her webinar on one side of the screen and her classwork on the right side. She gets to follow instructions faster and gets to understand her lessons better. Having to constantly alt-tab to switch between applications is confusing for a young grade schooler. 

It also supports a 75Hz refresh rate with HDMI. What does that mean? That means my husband can’t blame the monitor anymore when he gets killed in Valorant. For the non-gamers out there, that means the monitor is super responsive and can keep up with applications that need very fast refresh times.

Surprisingly, it also comes with its own speakers. Yup, a monitor with speakers! So it’s perfect for use with the MSI CUBI 5 because I no longer have to keep using my headphones when using the mini PC. The sound comes out of the monitor!

Distance Learning with MSI Cubi 5 and MSI PRO MP242 Monitor

I am very particular about health so I know what gadgets can do to your eyes when you use them for a long time. Learning from home means that we need to protect our kid’s vision. My favorite feature of MSI PRO MP242 Monitor is that it has low blue light emission and anti-glare coating. Nowadays, our daughter is spending a lot more time in front of screens so these features are important so that her eyes aren’t strained at the end of her classes.


Both the MSI CUBI 5 and the MSI PRO MP242 Monitor are well worth the money. The Cubi 5 10M sells at PHP 20900 while the MP242 sells at PHP 6990.

This means having to set up multiple workstations for my husband, me, and my daughter doesn’t mean having to break the bank. And get this, you can get up to Php 599 worth of Go SURF Prepaid load when you buy these products. Check this out: https://ph.msi.com/Promotion/Productivity-From-Spring-PRO-series?fbclid=IwAR1I8P93ouqQ22kmKz_1skRQqj-3cBGTwQ9pnZ7eOEMufOQ-zCpHv4vaaqs

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