My Back-To-School Shopping Spree at National Book Store

As a child, I always had fun going to National Book Store with my mom. I was always excited, because that meant new stuff for the new school year. When I became a mom, I found out that it wasn’t as cool and exciting for grown-ups. Haha! But here’s the thing, I have managed to navigate my way around all of these back-to-school preparations, and I’m proud to say that I’m so efficient that shopping it’s actually fun for me.

I do my shopping early. I stock up on things that Zeeka, my daughter, might need. I even stock up on things that I actually might need for my business. As you know, I run two businesses, I blog and I take care of my child and home all at the same time, so whenever I go to NBS, I get all of the stuff that I need to get for all aspects of my life! Last week, I was so happy to have had the chance the complete my list of back-to-school materials that Zeeka needs for this school year last week. I went on a shopping spree with my other mommy friends and it was so much fun.

I love National Bookstore, because it has so many budget-friendly options. I love to stock up on things, so buying them in bulk at really affordable prices is perfect for me. For example, I bought a set of 10 notebooks with 2 pens and 2 pencils under Budget Bundles, and these only costed me Php 150. Another purchase under Budget Bundles was a set of 4 folders (one for monitoring Zeeka’s activities, one for Taxumo, one for Manila Workshops and one for my blog tracking). These folders were only Php 100.

Another reason why I love National Book Store is that they have so many choices, and these choices are for anyone in the family, anyone with a particular style or with a particular lifestyle! I’m the type of parent who spends hours inside groceries and bookstores. The reason why I spend a lot of hours inside National Bookstore is that I would like to be sure that I get the best value for my money. It doesn’t have to be “cheap”, but it has something that will be worth every penny.

An example of which was something that I bought last week when I did my shopping spree at NBS. I came across this aisle of colorful bags, pouches and lunchboxes called Zipit! I bought a lunchbox and a cute Zipit pouch with a pink monster design, that comes with an app.

My daughter downloaded the app, and she now always has fun playing with her talking MonStar. The pouch was worth it, since aside from keeping her things, she enjoys playing with it, too!

For my husband and I, obviously, we have different needs from our daughter. Most of the things that we use also for our own needs and businesses come from NBS. Check out the video of the other things I found in National Books Store during my shopping spree!

To give us more choices, National Book Store carries trusted brands too like Caran d’Ache School Line, the Swiss fine art brand that budding artists adore.

For high schoolers and college students who do drafting and sketching, Blackwing Pencils are the best of the basics and a long-time favorite.

The third thing that I love about NBS is that they understand convenience. I found these Grab and Go Packs that had things inside it that were packed based on what the level of your child is. This one, in the picture below, is for kids in the 4th to the 6th Grade. How convenient is that, right?

Another thing that NBS now has, compared to what I had when I was little, is that moms nowadays can just shop from their home. If you can’t find the time to go to the store, you can call the delivery hotline 8888-627, or shop online at their website, When you check out their site, you can directly go to the back-to-school section when you go to the NBS website. Materials are grouped according to grade level so you can immediately see the recommended supplies for each one. The site is very simple to use! Orders worth P1,000 or above get free shipping.

So these are the reasons why I love National Book Store (NBS). Back-to-School shopping, or even stock-up-again-on-supplies shopping is such a breeze at NBS. You can find mostly everything that you need there from lunch boxes, pouches with apps, mosquito patches, hand sanitizers, sophisticated pencils and hard-core art materials, kikay notebooks and folder, etc. You name it! NBS has it.

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