Get Set Up for a New Baby – When You Don’t Have Much Time

I have a lot of friends who are pregnant during these times. And, a lot of them have questions on how to get set up for a new baby.

When you find out that you’re pregnant, you usually have a fair amount of time to get ready for the arrival for your baby. However, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes you’re already far into your pregnancy before you realize that you have an impending arrival. There are several reasons this might happen especially during these times when there are a lot of things to think about and do. The most important thing is what you’re going to do after receiving the news. If you only have a limited amount of time to get ready, maybe only a couple of months or even weeks, you might be panicking about getting everything that you need. You might be short on time, but you can still take the steps that you need to get set up for a new baby.

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Make a List of Essentials

One of the secrets of having a newborn is that they actually don’t need a lot of stuff. Of course, there are plenty of different gadgets and products that can come in handy when you have a baby. However, there are very few things that are really vital to have. The items that should be on your list of essentials include diapers, clothes, somewhere for your baby to sleep and things for keeping your baby clean. I made a list of the things that you need to bring to the hospital so you’re prepared. Check it out here:

I actually exclusively breastfed and used the bottle that I bought for storage. You can also result to bottle-feeding when you feel stressed out (do try to breastfeed though if possible). Either way is fine.

For the next step up, you might be thinking about items like a stroller, car seat or baby carrier/sling. My personal advice for this is only get it when the baby’s there. Some babies are choosy (like my daughter! LOL!). Decide what you really need – and consider asking for help from friends and family to stock up on essentials.

Decorate the Nursery

In truth, getting a nursery ready for a newborn doesn’t have to be a priority. Your baby could sleep in a Moses basket or crib by your bed for the first few months. They can also co-sleep with you. Some parents also believe that putting your baby to sleep in their own room can be a good idea too. You won’t have to worry about waking up your baby when you go to bed yourself. If you only have a small room to use as a nursery, take a look at some nursery ideas for small spaces. By keeping things small, you can also save money, and it could take you less time to get set up. If you want to paint the room and have the baby sleep in it, do it ASAP. You’ll need to let the paint dry and air it out to ensure it’s safe.

Check out my article on when we created Zeeka’s Nursery room.

Arrange Time Off (and Childcare)

Sorting out your maternity leave needs to be a priority if you’ve found out that you’re pregnant a little later than usual. How much time are you able to take off work? How much time do you want to take off work? Your first time at home with your baby is precious, and you will also need time to recover after your baby is born. If you need to get back to work fairly quickly, you will also need to look into childcare options. Even if most of us work from home, an extra set of hands will go a long way.

Take a Look at Your Finances

It’s normal to wonder if you can afford to have a baby, especially if your pregnancy might not have been planned. It might be a good idea to take a look at your finances and work out what you can afford. A newborn baby doesn’t have to be too expensive, although children do tend to get more expensive as they get older.

Here is a video on Managing Personal Finances.

Set Up Some Workstations

When you’re getting your home ready for a baby, consider the different tasks you will be doing day-to-day. Set up some different stations for doing various tasks, such as feeding, changing, preparing bottles, and more. You can organize everything so that it’s easy to reach for what you need when you need it. It might not always be easy to keep things neat and tidy, but you can create some order.

Think About Safety

Safety is also an important thing to think about when you’re getting ready for a baby. If you want to prioritize safety, don’t worry too much about “babyproofing” the house just yet. Your newborn won’t be moving around for a while, so you don’t have to worry about bumping heads of table corners or anything like that. However, you will probably want to focus on things like getting a safe car seat, choosing the right bedding, and buying a safe stroller.

Here is a safe detergent that you can use, as well.

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can still get set up for a new baby. It might seem like you have a lot to do, but there might not be as much as you think.

If you have other tips, feel free to comment on the section below. By the way, Expo Mom 2020 will be held this August. Hope you can buy tickets and shop online:

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Zeeka’s Nursery Room

And voila! It’s done 🙂 I finally got around to picking up the last furniture that I ordered for Zeeka’s Nursery room last week. I ordered it from Mothercare a month ago and finally, the new stock arrived. It actually arrived that week that I was in the hospital. I got to pick it up last week! Hurray!

As you all know, I made an article before entitled Fixing a Nursery. I got a lot of great ideas from fellow moms who have decorated their nurseries very well. I was inspired!

I have shown you the ‘before’ pictures. And now, here are the ‘after’ pictures… drumroll please…

Zeeka's Completed Nursery Room

Zeeka’s Completed Nursery Room

First off, the walls of Zeeka’s room was painted green. The shade was sort of like apple green. It gave the room a fresh clean vibe! For the crib, this was the walnut colored Cuddlebug crib given by my parents (thanks, mom and dad!). I wanted the all the furnitures to be of this shade. Later did I find out that it’s so hard to look for furniture of the same shade.

Details inside Zeeka's Room

Details inside Zeeka’s Room

For the picture frame, I got the pink colored frame from Dimensione. We then printed out a picture of Zeeka. We really had a ‘shoot’ in our house so that her attire matches the color highlights of the room. We also had the Z is for Zeeka poster printed out. I got the design from

For the wall stickers, we bought these stickers from Youji & Me. I saw these stickers on their facebook page and I completely fell in love with them. For the other wall, we also stuck stickers from Youji & Me. It was the Circus stickers with a sticker for measuring your child’s height.

Cute Stickers from Youji & Me

Cute Stickers from Youji & Me

Letters from Invitation House

Letters from Invitation House

As for the letters stuck to the wall, we had it made by Invitation House. The minimum order is 6 letters. I think I spent Php 1000 for all the five letters. I had two letter Z’s made.

For the clock in Zeeka’s Nursery Room, I got this from SM Makati’s Home section. I think I spent less than Php 500 for this clock. Isn’t it so cute?

Check out Zeeka's Clock

Check out Zeeka’s Clock

I was looking for comforters that would match the theme of the room. Lo and behold! My tita gave me comforters for Zeeka! (Thank you, Tita Ter!). It was perfect. She actually gave me four, but this one in particular matched the design of the room!

Animal Themed Comforter (from my Tita Ter)

Animal Themed Comforter (from my Tita Ter)

The picture below shows the dresser that I got from Mothercare. It was perfect for the things I wanted to put, like Zeeka’s sterilizer, bottles, etc.

Dresser from Mothercare

Dresser from Mothercare

I love this gift from Zeeka’s great grandmother and great grandfather (Thank you, Mama Edie and Papa Arnold!). I was really looking for a cabinet with a lot of drawers for Zeeka’s things. I couldn’t find any. I was getting frustrated. I was so thankful when my grandparents offered that they had a cabinet customized and this would be their gift. It’s really a nice cabinet and it goes well with everything else in the room.

Customized cabinet with drawers (Thank you, Mama Edie!)

Customized cabinet with drawers (Thank you, Mama Edie!)

So what do you think of my DIY project? I hope you like Zeeka’s nursery room. 🙂

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger