My One Word for 2015 — FEEL!

My one word for 2013 was LEARN. Last 2014, I didn’t get to choose my one word, because I felt that 2014 was still a year where I had to focus on learning. This 2015, I knew that I wanted to choose a new word and it was easy for me to pick this one. My word for this year will be FEEL.

My One Word for 2015 --- FEEL!

My One Word for 2015 — FEEL!

If you really know me, I’m not a very sentimental person. My husband reminds me of this countless of times. I wouldn’t contest that. Don’t think of me as a heartless biatch.Nor am I someone likeĀ Frank Underwood from House of Cards (but he does amaze me and I am a fan of the show). I am definitely not, but since I’m results driven, decisive and competitive, I tend to breeze through things just to get to the ‘results’ part. I hate waste and I have the tendency to think that relaxing and taking things slow is just a waste of my precious time.

That was the Ginger you met in 2014. The Ginger that I will be in 2015 will take the time out to ‘feel’ — to feel the sunlight’s warm passing through our glass window every morning instead of rushing to check emails on my mobile phone. This Ginger will feel her daughter’s heartbeat as she rests on my chest. This Ginger will feel my husband’s love as he kisses me and hugs me tight. This Ginger will feel the warmth of my own breathe as I go through yoga practice or go for a run.

I will feel happy every time I sip my cup of coffee and I will taste every bit of flavor in each sip. I will feel excited for new opportunuties that will come my way; I will also feel scared at the same time, and it will be alright. I will feel frustrated and disheartened at times and I know that it’s okay to feel this way since it’s a part of growing and ‘changing’. I will feel contented and at ease with how things are going, but I will not rest until my dreams are achieved. I will feel relaxed (and maybe a bit bored at times), but I know that this is needed for me to recharge and to remain sane. I will feel how it is to be loved and to give love unconditionally. I will feel highly ecstatic, hopeless and lost, clingy and sweet, furious, stupid and insecure, amazing and beautiful and I will love feeling all of these things and I will cherish each and every moment.

How about you? What is your one word for 2015?