Parental Control: How to Protect Kids from Online Threats

Everyone agrees that the internet is an awesome place. It has become a vital part of our everyday lives.

But like everything else, the internet also has a dark side. And this is why we parents must always remain vigilant. We must maintain some sort of parental control to what our kids access.

Project Nightfall captures this problem perfectly in this 2-minute video:

There have been many reports of cybercrimes reported all around the globe each year. The most vulnerable to these are children and teens.

According to Stay Safe Online, the biggest threats facing children and teens online include video streaming sites and online video games.

In fact, an extremely popular kid’s game received flak from parents everywhere because of one father’s shocking discovery.

Father of 2 boys Iain Morrison can prove this is true. He found out that his kids were being contacted by pedophiles through an online game.

Project Nightfall also talks about the lack of filter in Youtube’s algorithm in this controversial video:

DQ Institute says the average Filipino child spends about 34 hours a week on digital screens. This result is two hours higher than the global average.

Because of this, Filipino kids aged 8 to 12 years old are more exposed to unhealthy habits of digital usage. It also makes them more vulnerable to cyber attacks. These include cyberbullying and inappropriate sexual behaviors.

This is why it’s important for us parents and guardians to exercise parental control on gadget use and how our kids consume data.

“It may not be enough to just teach kids about whom to talk to, safety in and out of the home, what to read or watch on TV; parents should also guide their kids when it comes to their online experience” 

Martha Sazon, Globe Telecom’s Senior Vice President and Head of Broadband Business

Globe Telecoms recently launched #Rated PC (Parental Control), an advocacy campaign encouraging Globe at Home Postpaid subscribers, parents and guardians to emphasize the importance of parental supervision in children’s internet use.

#Rated PC aims to educate parents and guardians on how kids can maximize the use of gadgets and the internet. The advocacy also aims to cut the risks and dangers kids get exposed to in the online world.

Here are some of their tips to help protect kids from online threats:

Limit Screen Time

It’s important to limit the screen time for kids especially the younger ones. Check out this quick guide from CiPHR.

For older kids who need to do school work, limiting screen time also helps them manage it efficiently. It also helps to put computers and laptops in an area where you can see them.

Protect Identity and Security

Your kids must learn that “stranger danger” also applies in the online world as well.

Tell them the importance of protecting their identity and privacy. And always remind them to keep personal information safe from strangers they meet online.

Check Sources

The internet can also be a platform for fake news and other misleading information.

Teach children to check sources and go to credible sites for news. From time to time, kids should be reminded that not everything they see or read online is true.

Online responsibility

It is important for your kids to learn the value of their words and actions both online and offline.

They need to be responsible for the comments they leave on other people’s posts. Words can have a significant effect on other people even if it’s just online.

So make sure your kids practice respect. Inappropriate or vulgar words, profanities, body shaming, and name calling shouldn’t be tolerated.

Activate parental control

There are several options for parents when it comes to activating parental control in home devices.

One way to go is to enable parental control settings on your computer. Here’s a guide for setting up parental controls for Windows users.  Here’s how you can turn it on in your Mac devices.  

There are also tons of apps that let you control screen time and other content in your mobile phones and devices. Here’s an awesome list of the best parental control apps from Tom’s Guide.

Internet service providers usually bundle parental control features for their online service.  One example is the TP-Link Device bundled especially for Globe At Home Postpaid subscribers.

It allows parents to easily set up controls for internet access. These features can protect kids from various online threats and safeguard their network from unwanted content.

It can also restrict or block access to unsuitable sites, deploy anti-virus software, manage all connected devices, and even enhance WiFi signal inside the home.

As parents, we know how scary the world can get. And we all want to protect our kids from all threats, seen and unseen.

That’s why it’s necessary for us to exercise paternal control with the information they can access. Because innocence, once lost, will be gone forever.

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