Choosing the Right Diapers and Pampers Premium Care

I always thought that all diapers were one and the same — a diaper is a diaper is a diaper. This was what I thought until I researched and found out why Pampers Premium Care stands out. We all know that our consideration as a mom in choosing diapers should be one that keeps our babies healthy and happy! If they wake up in the middle of the night, several times (even if you already fed them), it “may” be because they are not comfortable with the “nappy” that they are wearing.

Here are the things that I found out about Pampers Premium Care that was so shockingly amazing!

– It was made in Japan with cutting-edge Japanese Technology for world-class care. There are a lot of amazing technologies that are developed in Japan, and these technologies make their products of utmost quality.

– You’ll immediately notice that the Pampers Premium Care diaper is very soft. Pampers makes sure that it uses quality materials that ensures softness, dryness, and comfort for babies’ sound sleep and happy mornings.

– I love the Magic Gel Channels that can only be found in the Pampers Premium Care line. When this technology was shown to us, we saw how fast the absorption was. It easily spread to the different parts of the diaper, therefore the problem of bunching up only in the lower part when the diaper becomes full won’t be a problem.

– The Magic Gel keeps baby dry also by turning liquid into crystal form in seconds. This gel is also the reason why a Pampers Premium Care diaper is thinner than other diapers!

– Pampers Premium Care has also upgraded diapers with with Skin Protection Lotion to wrap babies in silky softness that is gentle on skin.

– Pampers Premium Care has also has unique innovations designed specifically for a particular lifestage in your babies life. For newborns, the NB and S sizes come with a specially designed top sheet called the Absorb Away Liner. This quickly absorbs runny messes, and helps reduce the risk of skin irritation.

I was also so happy to know that the Pants variant is now available in the Philippines. In the Pants variant, a unique S-Flex technology protects the skin from friction. So when your toddler, like mine, loves moving around and running around, they can do so comfortably.

These are the things that I learned about diapers. I didn’t think that there was so much more really to choosing, but there is! After seeing this, I don’t think I’ll be looking at any other brands soon! If you want to see how Pampers can work for you, check out their store in Lazada:

First 1 Million Peso winner of Pampers Baby Dry Promo

What would you do if you found out that you won a million pesos? I would probably invest it to fund my daughter’s education. I could not possibly imagine what went on in Mommy Maria Felicidad Valdoria’s mind when she went to the grocery that day. Mommy Maria is a proud mother of two children — two-month old son Palix Diet her and one-year-old daughter Bettina Kateri. I guess it was just an ordinary afternoon for her that turned into one of the most unforgettable days of her life. Little did she know that buying one pack of Pampers Baby Dry would win her one million pesos!

Unsuspecting Mommy Maria

Unsuspecting Mommy Maria

On that day, this simple mommy who was going about her normal routine was hailed as the grand winner of Pampers First Million raffle promo. “Simple lang ang buhay namin at ang tanging hangad naming mag-asawa para sa mga anak namin ay mabigyan sila ng magandang kinabukasan.”

Shocked Mommy Maria

Shocked Mommy Maria

“Kaya sobrang saya ko nang malaman kong ako ang first winner ng PHP1 million! This will help us fulfil our children’s dreams!” she happily exclaimed.

As parents, we plan for the future for our children. We, of course, want what’s best for them and the best usually means that we have to efficiently manage our finances. With the short age gap between their kids, Mommy Maria admitted that it’s difficult to manage their finances. But like any other parent, Mommy Maria still chooses brands that they trust.

I can relate to her 100%. As a mom, I still go for the brands that I trust from water to food to diapers. I always see to it that my daughter is 100% safe, protected and always gets the best of things. “Trusted brands like Pampers are not only products that we use every day. They help in our children’s development, allowing them to achieve their first milestones in life,” Mommy Maria shared.

I personally trust the New Pampers® Baby Dry since it provides my daughter with up to 12 hours of superior overnight dryness. Also, she’s almost three and super active. I don’t worry about her running around and jumping endlessly, because I know that Pampers Baby Dry can keep her comfortable all the time.

Mommy Maria feels the same way too about Pampers Baby Dry. “Pampers Baby Dry is really impressive. It keeps baby dry for a long time, kaya mahimbing ang tulog naming lahat,” she said. Its breathable backsheet also prevents skin irritations and rashes, giving baby the comfort that he needs. “Wala na silang rashes ngayon and that makes them happier and sociable, too,” she added.


I admire Mommy Maria’s plans also when asked about what she was going to do with the one million pesos. “We will invest it in a time deposit first, para po kapag dumating ang tamang panahon ay magagamit na namin siya para sa education ng bunso ko. Gusto po kasi namin masiguradong mapapagtapos namin sila pareho dahil iyon na ang pinakamaganda na naming maipamamana sa kanila.”


I am so happy for this Mommy. She really deserves to win the one million pesos.

“Pampers is really more than just a diaper. It is every mom’s partner in ensuring baby’s better future,” she said.

For more details, watch their newest TVC at or visit the Pampers Facebook page (

Pampers gives Moms a Chance to Win Baby’s First Million

I was in a workshop called Insta-speak, where the participants are taught how to say things clearly and simply. One of the activities that we did was to read a children’s story with feelings. In this activity, I realized that one of the things that we, as adults, have taken for granted is the power of imagination. We have been so exposed to the hard realities of life that we think imagining things or dreaming of something big seems useless. Sayang lang ang oras!

Well, personally, I still love dreaming. There is nothing wrong with creating fantasies — with dreaming of a life that we wish we could have, for as long as we don’t over obsess about these dreams. As a mom, one of my ‘fantasies’ is to have a better life for my daughter. I want her to live a life that she wants without having to think of money as an issue. Obviously, I know that one of the tools that I need for my dream to come true is money. I don’t want to be a hypocrite; having funds would definitely make our lives easier. Given Php 1 Million, I know I could achieve and attain the dreams that we have for our daughter easier.

I will do anything for this little one!

I will do anything for this little one!

Guess what? Pampers can make baby’s firsts come true with a chance to win up to P1 million for baby’s first bank account! Yes, with Pampers Baby Dry, you don’t just give baby complete sleep with up to 12 hours of dryness, but you also get a chance to win up to Php 1 million and make your baby’s firsts come true! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for this!

PAMPERS FIRST MILLION poster 0526-01 with LCP

If you were given 1 Million Pesos, what would you do with it? Personally, this is what I would do with One Million Pesos.

– 50% of the money will go to a mutual fund that we have set up for our daughter. We all know that school tuition fees are so expensive nowadays, so this would really help a lot!

– 25% of the One Million will go a travel fund for Disneyland or for other places that she wants to see. One of the things that we want her to learn from is travelling. We want her to learn from the things that she sees and experiences. Mommy and Daddy will go with her, of course, since she is still young! Haha!

– 12% will go to to her tuition fee for when she starts going to school.

– 7% will go to a fund that she can access when she grows up. She can do anything with the money in that account.

– 5% will go to charity. Early on, we want to teach her to be a caring and kind-hearted individual.

I’m so excited, because joining this contest is so simple! Everyone can join!

Simply buy any Pampers Baby Dry Economy/Value pack/Low counts at participating stores nationwide and check to see if there’s a sticker indicating it is an entry in the promotion. There will be a WINNING TICKET for all the lucky moms out there and it could be a Gymboree GC worth P1,200 consolation prize, or the major prizes including P10,000 worth of bank savings, P50,000 worth of bank savings and a whopping Php 1 million.

Winners can contact Manpower for Advertising Services Agency Inc. at (+632) 335-3518 for instructions on how to claim the prize. Don’t forget to bring the winning ticket, 2 valid IDs, and the official receipt for purchase of Pampers Baby Dry during the redemption. For more details, please watch this video or visit the Pampers Facebook page (

My baby uses Pampers Baby Dry and I can attest that she sleeps better and is more active. She loves exploring, nowadays, and I think Pampers really helps in making her feel comfortable. Pampers really helps babies achieve their firsts! I think it’s true what other moms say that Pampers Dry is the best and driest diaper in 10 years. I believe so, because i’ve seen it in action!

Active little girl!

Active little girl!

Would you want to win One Million Pesos from Pampers Baby Dry? What will you do with the one million pesos?


Pampers online app called FirstBook

OMG! Do you know how hard it is to create an application. My friends and I started creating one last year. The idea was conceptualized more than a year ago and it is only this June that we are launching the application. It’s a mobile application, by the way. Anyway. both mobile and web applications are really made to solve people’s problems, to entertain them (like those super fun games that you find yourself immersed with for hours and hours), to basically, help them with a particular aspect in life that they want help with.

One of the things that we moms love the most is taking pictures of our little ones. I know I do! I even had to buy extra space for my Dropbox account despite the fact that I already got extra storage from a dozen friends. That’s how badly I need storage space.

We love to show everyone the pictures of our baby from the time that he/she was in your womb to the present day (I posted a pic of my baby just 5 seconds ago! Just kidding!). But seriously, we have pictures of every single moment. We have pictures of our baby’s first especially. Because Pampers, the world’s leading diaper brand, understands that we need to keep all these important pictures and store it somewhere besides our hearts (awwwww!), they recently launched a digital scrapbook made for both moms and babies, which is called FirstBook. Pamper’s FirstBook is an online FaceBook app that allows moms to create a scrapbook, where we can store and post and share (it has so many features) our baby’s Firsts.

Pamper's FirstBook

Pamper’s FirstBook

Create a Baby Book using Pamper's Firstbook

Create a Baby Book using Pamper’s Firstbook

The app was recently launched during the introduction of Pampers Baby Dry, the best and driest diaper in 10 years. I wrote about that event in this link:

I totally love the new Pampers Baby Dry since it has the new core technology to deliver a thinner and drier diaper: a Soft Touch-Dry Layer which quickly absorbs wetness to keep it away from baby’s skin and Magic Gel which locks in wetness for up to 12 hours of skin dryness, so babies can enjoy continuous sleep to help them achieve their many firsts in life.

Pampers Baby Book Zeeka 1

Pampers Baby Book Zeeka 2

I’m almost done with my FirstBook for Zeeka. I loved the experience of reminiscing these wonderful moments. I was teary-eyed most of the time. It’s taking me a long time to finish this because I love going through all the pictures one by one! haha!

For moms who will share their baby’s Firstbook movie from now until June 2015, Pampers has a special treat for you! Just upload the video with the official hashtag #FirstsWithPampers and stand a chance to win 1 year’s worth of all-new Pampers Baby Dry! FirstBook PC and mobile versions are now available, and can be accessed via

Have fun!

Pampers Celebration of Firsts with Pampers Baby-Dry

I love surprises and I love it even more when the surprise that I receive are from brands that I truly love and trust. So today, I was reminded on how much I love surprises! Pampers sent me this huge box that showed the Pampers Baby-Dry cover. It looked like one big pack of diapers. It was actually a little cabinet that contained lots of diapers that Zeeka could wear.

I wasn't the only one who was happy with this Pampers Big Delivery!

I wasn’t the only one who was happy with this delivery for Pampers Celebration of Firsts!

My daughter loving this delivery!

My daughter loving this delivery!

About Pampers Baby-Dry

I got a lot of questions when I posted about being a digital ambassador for Pampers Baby-Dry. Here are the features of Pampers Baby Dry:

Features of Pampers Baby-Dry

Pampers Baby-Dry gives up to 12 hours of skin dryness for complete sleep. We know how we, moms, value the importance of good sleep for our babies. Also, aside from long hours of sleep, I appreciate a diaper that can help keep my baby dry for long hours as we do the things that we need to finish. It has Magic Gel that absorbs and locks-in up to 7 wettings.

Pampers Baby-Dry gives all around breathability (wraps your baby in comfort) and it has a soft touch-dry layer that quickly absorbs wetness. What I love about it also is that it has stretchy tapes. Babies, like my daughter who have sensitive skin, need not worry about the “pantals” that they get on their waists as this diaper is very comfortable. It also has a wetness indicator that turns blue when the nappy is wet.

To make more moms happy and to celebrate this wonderful journey of firsts, the world’s no.1 diaper brand Pampers recently headed to the hospitals of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao to surprise moms and newborn babies with a gift that can help them enjoy brighter, happier days ahead – the all-new Pampers Baby Dry!

Mr and Mrs Sevilles

Mr and Mrs Sevilles accepted their gift from Pampers!


To join in on Pampers Celebration of firsts and if you want to try out out these diapers that I got from Pampers Big Delivery, you can go to and buy Pampers Baby Dry at 20% off until supplies last.