First Time Parents Workshop at The Parenting Emporium by Manila Workshops

I have been getting a lot of inquiries from expectant parents on workshops that are fit for them. I apologize as I haven’t been writing much about pregnancy and infant or baby related stuff. My daughter just turned four and she’s growing up so fast. I remember how it is though, when I was scrambling for information. Most first time parents are scared as this is the first time that you will be undergoing all — ALL of these things. Rightly so, it is understandable that you feel a little bit scared mixed with mostly excitement. I felt the same way! haha! So, here is good news for you! Manila Workshops and The Parenting Emporium, together with Stemcord Philippines Inc., will have another run of the All about Breastfeeding and Baby & Toddler Care Nutrition, this coming April 22.


If you want to attend, just go to this link, and purchase tickets. All of us need the help that we can get to know how to care for your little one. I remember the time before I had my daughter, we would regularly go to workshops like this to learn as much as we could about breastfeeding, nutrition, etc.  Sessions like these really helped us.



The Learning Fees are as follows:

  • Individual rate: Php600/session
  • Couple rate: Php1000/session

Hope you can make time for this. By the way, this workshop is supported by our friends from Mega Malungay, VPharma, Pampers, Vicks, Mama Chows, Cetaphil, Beginnings, Cradle and Cycles!

For any inquiries, you can email and she’ll be happy to assist you. See you all at The Parenting Emporium on April 22!




Is my Life Going to Change now that I’m a Parent? (First Time Parents Workshop Series!)

I had a conversation with a friend recently and she was asking me what my happiest moment was. I did not hesitate and immediately said it was the day I gave birth to my daughter. That was the day my life changed completely — totally — drastically! Haha! As a first time parent, I now know the importance of sleep. I now know how it feels to be completely responsible for another person’s well being and safety. I now know how much love you can actually give and I mean real love — the love that is defined by sacrifice and putting another person’s needs first before yours.

First time Parents

Being a first time parent means a lot of joyous and super fun days, but also a lot of days of frustration and worry. It means having to go through the highest of highs of moments like hearing your baby’s first words to the lowest of lows, like when postpartum depression hits and times when you feel ugly as hell.

But what I want you to know is that all of these are normal and first time parents undergo these things. Your lives will definitely change, but there is nothing compared to the feeling that you get when you see your child for the first time.

Manila Workshops and The Parenting Emporium want to help you prepare for your lives as First Time Parents by sharing with you a series of workshops that you can attend. The first workshop will be on January 30, 2016.


Check out the details on the registration page in this link:

If you need emotional and technical guidance, I know that you will get it through the support the of the community that you will come across with when you attend these workshops! I hope to meet you in one of these workshops! 🙂


Yes Mommy! Workshop – Getting your Child to Listen and Understand

Baby Zeeka is becoming more aware of the surroundings. She is a very observant baby. She loves a good ‘stare down’. She loves grabbing things, too, and she loves looking at things with intense eyes. She then puts it inside her mouth when no one is looking. During this stage, they say that the baby’s brain is like a sponge — absorbing everything that they see, hear, taste, etc.

When they become a toddler, the difficulty (although not impossible) is to get your child to listen and really understand you. When your toddler goes into a tantrum, what do you do? How do you deal with them in these situations? When your child is already going to school, how do you get them to listen and understand you above all the ‘noise’?


Yes Mommy Talk

Yes Mommy Talk

It’s the last week for you to sign up for the Yes Mommy Workshop! and this will be a big help for all parents who want to learn more things that can be applied in their parenting style.

I have attended this class and I am slowly trying to apply what I have learned with Baby Zeeka. This workshop will be on October 5, 2013 at the Medela House. You can SIGN UP HERE!

This workshop is brought to you by, and Unilab.

Parenting Pals Workshops for September

As an expecting mom or a new mom, I understand how it is to be overwhelmed with all the stuff going on. I know, because I am a new mom myself. I hear my mom and titas and lola tell me that things are now more complicated for an expecting and a new mom. During their time, they would say, there were not a lot of gadgets and products available. My lola was telling me that during the time of her mom, if her mom didn’t have enough milk, her mom would get help from a wet nurse. My mom didn’t breastfeed. I’m a formula fed baby. She tells me that breast pumps during that time were really painful and there were not available nursing covers. Also, there were no workshops to help expecting moms. She had to get a midwife to help her raise me (I’m her first born).

So, see! We are very lucky to have all the ‘support’ available. So for Manila Workshops, we created a series called Parenting Pals. Parenting Pals is geared towards creating workshops that would help both moms and dads in raising their child/children. For our first two workshops (we have two workshops this September), we have the Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep Workshop and the How I Learn Workshop.

The first of the workshop series is quite interesting, as our partner speakers from Baby Signs Philippines and from Halo Philippines, discuss two of the most interesting parenting topics: Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep.

Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep

Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep

The instructor for the Orientation on the Baby Signs Program will be Sharon O. Agoncillo-Galang. She is the Managing Director of Baby Signs® Philippines. She is also an Independent Certified Instructor of the Baby Signs® Program. For Safe Sleep, our speaker will be the President of Halo Philippines, Ives Lim-Esteban.

This is a FREE workshop, but we have limited number of seats. To sign up for this workshop, please fill out this form:

The other workshop is about Early Childhood Developmental Milestones and Learning Abilities.

How I Learn

How I Learn

During this workshop, you will learn about the developmental characteristics and milestones of children from birth to 6 years. Age-appropriate learning activities and play materials will also be discussed and how they are used to support your child’s interests and development. This is a great opportunity for parents to understand more about how their child is growing, and help them achieve his or her full potential along the way.

This workshop is at Php 250 per person. Please sign up now using the form below:

Both Parenting Pals workshops will exclusively be held at Babyland, 548 Facilities Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.

The Baby Sign Language and Safe Sleep workshop is Co-presented by StemCord Philippines, Inc. Our Major Sponsor is Dainty Ashley. Our Minor Sponsor is Cycles, and our booth sponsor is MomBaby Fabric.

The How I Learn workshop is Co-presented by StemCord Philippines, Inc.

Also, we invite you to be part of our community of parents. We have a group in Facebook called Parenting Pals. Add us up here:

Join us on September 7 and 14, 2013. I hope to see you and meet you there!

How We Spent Dad’s Day

Instead of the usual celebration of eating out with Ej and Baby Zeeka (with his family or my family), the three of us spent the whole day together learning more about parenting. We attended the Joy of Learning Workshop, a parenting workshop organized by Fisher Price. Obviously, for most part of the workshop, Baby Z was either nursing, staring at the older kids or she was…

Zeeka at the Joy of Learning Talk

Zeeka at the Joy of Learning Talk

As for mommy and daddy, we were both participating and listening intently to each and every word Carrie Lupoli aka the “Chief Mom” was saying about parenting.

My key net take-aways from the workshop were:

1. Each of us need to set a direction when parenting. Yes, even in parenting, you should be able to practice goal setting. And how do you go about doing this? You start by defining character skills that you want your child to have. Cognitive skills are normally what we set like reading, understanding cause and effect, etc. These are important, but we should not forget that we also need to develop their character skills.

Character Skills versus Cognitive skills

Character Skills versus Cognitive skills

2. Playtime is important since this is the time when a child really gets to learn. The first five years are the most important years in a child’s development since these are the years where children develop the fastest.

3. There are age appropriate toys for babies and toddlers. The toys appropriate for each age are:

Birth to 9 Months:
– Toys that engage senses: Mobiles / Rattles / Chew toys / Board Boards / Cloth Books
– Cause and Effect: Pop up toys / Busy Boxes

9 to 18 Months
– Toys that imitate real life: Plastic toys / Play food / Animal farms
– Problem Solving Toys: Things that fit together / Push and Pull Toys / Balls

18 – 36 Months
– Materials that help them use their hands to create: dough / Crayons and Doodle boards / Finger paints
– Toys to help them use their imagination: Dress up clothes / Action or Animal figures / Dolls / Stuffed Animals

4. Even if you’re a working mom or dad, it is important to spend quality time with your child. Set aside an hour or so just reading, playing and talking with them.
2013-06-16 09.15.02

What goes in the box?: What skills do you want your child to have?

5. Document your baby’s milestones. Carrie Lupoli says “Parents who often do not know about nor document such milestones very much place their children at risk for life long challenges that could have been significantly improved if recognized earlier,”

So those are my key net take-away from this seminar. We were also fortunate enough to have this picture taken with Ms. Carrie Lupoli.

Mommy Ginger, Daddy EJ, Baby Zeeka and Ms. Carrie Lupoli

Mommy Ginger, Daddy EJ, Baby Zeeka and Ms. Carrie Lupoli

Did you get to attend this parenting workshop? Please do share what you’ve learned? If you didn’t get to attend, do you agree with the things that were taught (based on what my learnings are)?

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger


First Time Parents: Delivery and New Born Care

Having Zeeka in my life made me a better person. I am more in touch with my emotions and I feel like I want to help other people in any way that I can. One of the ways that I think I could help other people is through blogging. In this blog and in Manila Reviews, I have shared various experiences that would help other expecting parents and new mommies and daddies go through these experiences smoothly. I, of course, want them to enjoy every minute of having a baby that is why I share my experiences with them so that I can share what I have learned and what I have found out going through all of these experiences.

Another way that I could think of is through the brand and the work that I have started. Through Manila Workshops, I think I can create mini sessions where expecting parents can learn from experts, like doctors, certified nutritionist, consultants. etc. This is why I created the First Time Parents Workshop Series together with Medela Moms, Inc. and The Learning Basket.

We recently ran the First Time Parents: What to Know Before Giving Birth. You can read my post here:

I am personally inviting you to the second part of this four part workshop series. It’s entitled Delivery and New Born Care. In this workshop, I hope that a lot of the expecting parents learn from it. The topics to be discussed will be:
– Baby Milestones
– Newborn Baby Care
– All About Breastfeeding
– Safe Sleep

Delivery and New Born Care Workshop

Delivery and New Born Care Workshop

I would love to know more about Baby Milestones. Now that Zeeka is 3 months old, I would love to know what to expect from her during the first months until she becomes a toddler. I am also excited to learn more about Newborn Baby Care and Safe Sleep. I would love to hear your questions on breastfeeding, too!

Please do sign up and I hope to see you there! 🙂

Love lots,

Mommy Ginger

Mommy Ginger

A Love Letter to Zeeka

I thought about what my first post should be this 1st day of January, 2013. I decided to write a love letter to Zefina Francesca or Zeeka, my soon-to-be-born daughter.

Baby at 5 months

Dear Zeeka, whom I am so excited to see,

As I wait for my toasted grilled cheese sandwich, all my thoughts are with you. Will you always be this hungry when you are born? Will you really love steaks, grilled cheese sandwiches and omelettes — those that you were used to? Will you be a pretty, smart, and healthy little girl? Will you be as active as mommy (I hope you felt all the ‘treadmill’ walks that we shared while you were in my tummy)? Or will you be as funny as daddy (Did you hear his jokes for you each night that you would kick?)? Will you have my awkwardly-positioned ears or daddy’s tomato nose? Will you be as sociable and as talkative as mommy or as sentimental and witty as daddy?

Zeeka, no matter what you like or how you will be, you will always be my daughter, and you will always be loved by us. Your daddy and I waited so long for this time to come. It’s January and in two months, we will see you. We can’t wait to hold you in our arms and hug you tight. We can’t wait to watch you while you sleep and to play with you when you wake up. We can’t wait to teach you the things that we know, and at the same time, we can’t wait to learn from you and from raising you.

We thank the Lord God for giving you to us. We thank Mama Mary, St. Joseph, Padre Pio, St. Gerard and St. Pedro Calungsod for interceding for us to the Father to have a child as adorable as you. We wish that you grow up to be a kind-hearted individual. We wish that you be a good, patient, generous, humble and loving little girl.

We love you, Zefina Francesca. This blog is dedicated to you.

Lovingly yours,