Why I Need a Personal Robot?

I have a terrible headache and I know it’s because I didn’t take coffee today. It must be my system telling me that I lack caffeine. I wonder how I was able survive sleepless nights way back in college. Staying up later than 1 pm in now impossible for me. When I do stay up beyond 1 am, rest assured that I will be needing that long siesta the day after. Oh my! I sound like a ninety-year old lady. Hey, but seriously, I think I need a personal robot to help me keep up with the things that I need to do.

This got me thinking, If I had a robot, what would I make it do? What does Ginger need help with?

Personal robot

Here are the gazillion things that I need my personal robot to do:

1) Blogs – I need my robot to type my article for me, proofread and edit it, look through my all of my files for the appropriate picture and post it on my site. This will allow me to just dictate and say my thoughts, and focus on thinking and researching about what my next topic will be. I will need my robot to suggest related topics also that will matter. Oh! And I need my robot to occasionally send out questions to my readers on what topics do they want me to talk or write about.

2) Schedule – I need a personal robot who can arrange and rearrange my schedule for me. I need it to be automatically set aside time for ME-time and maximize my time by grouping meetings in the same geographical location. It will keep tabs on what is the most convenient time of the day and location for me and for the person I am meeting, so that no one will waste anyone’s time. It will tell me when to leave the house so that I arrive in that location just in time — not too early and not late. It will also notify me if I need to do something else in that location before going home, based on previous “wishes” — like wishing to see that fabulous dress in a mall and how much it costs or picking up a loaf of bread from the nearby grocery store since we are running out of it soon, etc.

3) Work – My personal robot will list down all the deliverables of each member of the team and will remind them of the deadline. It will also give them tips on the project itself, like where to research for information or whom to talk to based on how I would do the project or based on whom I would go to. It will also automatically schedule one-on-one meetings with my team (using my personal scheduler’s feature) and would automatically track progress of each one and give me a clear metric on how far my team members are from their defined personal and entrepreneurial goals. I would also ask it to fix all of my files at home, and arrange it per startup and tell me if I need to do anything with that file.

My list could go on and on…

So there, is is the reason why I need a personal robot. How about you? If I were to give you a robot, what would you need for it to do?

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