Playground WiS100 Wi-Fi Socket

There will come a time when all of the things in our house will be automated. Those things that we see in the movies where the TV is voice activated, opening our windows can be controlled using our mobile phone are all not that far-off. I’m not sure but maybe these things exist already. I remember 4 years ago, when I was still employed, I heard of the prepaid electricity project and now its a reality.

I really want to be part of all this automation. I’m sure my husband, who’s more techy than I am, is even more excited for all of these changes. Imagine his glee when I showed him the Playground WiS100 Wi-Fi Socket. His eyes lit up like he found a new toy to play with. We tested it first with our RiceCooker, although it didn’t really make any sense to use it with it.

Playground Wi-fi Socket

Playground Wi-fi Socket unboxing

Playground Wi-fi Socket unboxing 2

Here’s how to use this gadget! Read this carefully as you’ll find it to be so cool!

First , you download the WiWo Application. It’s available in Google Playstore and iOS App store.

Playgroung Wifi Socket 4

Playgroung Wifi Socket 3

Plug the Playground WiS100 Wi-Fi Socket into the socket near the appliance that you want to connect it to. A red light on the device will blink slowly. Turn on the app at this time. It should find the WiWo device and you can already set it and name it. You can keep a list of devices. For this one, we  named the connection ‘RiceCooker’.

Playgroung Wifi Socket 2




Playgroung Wifi Socket 1

We then realized that we could use this more for two things, one was for our electric kettle and the other one was for the aircon. We heat water early in the morning for my husband’s bath. We don’t have a heater so we have to it manually and mix hot and cold water in a pail. We realized that it’s so convenient to connect it to the Playground WiS100 Wi-Fi Socket because my husband need not get up just to go to the kitchen to turn the kettle on. He can just do it with his mobile phone and just get the after a few minutes.

Playground's Wi-fi Socket in our home!

Playground’s Wi-fi Socket in our home!

The one for the aircon came in just in time. The aircon in our room is busted so we need to use the aircon in our living room. We just open the door to the masters bedroom so that the cold air goes to room. Using the Playground WiS100 Wi-Fi Socket is so convenient since we can turn the aircon on from the master’s bedroom and we need not get up to go there. We can also turn it off in the morning when it’s already too cold.

I love this Wi-fi Socket and I know a lot of moms and dads will love this! They have amazing products at Check out their Facebook page, too ( and Twitter account (