New PROSAFE Prescription Glasses from Eye Republic Optical

Prosafe is the newest eyewear collection from EYE Republic Optical.

Since the lockdown last March 2020 to today, which is a year after, Zeeka has miraculously destroyed 2 prescription lenses already. Last May 2020, my husband brought her to an ophthalmologist to have her eyes checked, because we noticed that she couldn’t see things that are far from her. Well, it was not surprising since me and my husband both wear glasses, and we are both near sighted.

I think I was Grade 5 when I was prescribed to wear prescription lenses. My husband was around Grade 7. So we were expecting that our kids would really need glasses early on.

So when Zeeka needed glasses, the first pair was ordered from her doctor. It was at around Php 6000 with the prescription lenses already. I didn’t get to ask if he used special lenses for Zeeka’s glasses.

Her first pair of glasses from the doctor’s clinic that Zeeka managed to destroy

After 4 months, Zeeka managed to destroy the frame. So I looked for a shop to get her a new pair. Luckily we got one from a famous brand, and it was a cheaper than Php 6000 (at least). This was a cute frame with screen safe lenses. I ordered and then got the lenses after a few days. I thought that this would her at least a year, but again, she destroyed the frames again after 5 months. Haha!

Zeeka’s 2nd pair of glasses from another store

With this, I wanted to get her prescription lenses that was the cheapest yet with comparable quality. I already told her that it’s really expensive to have glasses made. I hope she got the point. But of course, I wanted to look for cheaper alternatives. The things that I looked for were:

  • A store that would have cute frames for children and those that would protect their eyesight. We all know that kids nowadays spend a lot of time in front of devices so I was looking for glasses that she could use to protect her eyes.
  • I wanted to look for a store that delivers since I didn’t want to (and still don’t want to) go out of the house just to buy lenses.
  • Also, I’m definitely looking for a cheaper alternative since if the lifespan of Zeeka’s glasses is just 4-5 months, then, I definitely won’t buy expensive ones.

EYE Republic Optical

Check out our new PROSAFE Glasses from EYE Republic Optical

So in my quest to fulfill all of my requirements, I was lucky to come across EYE Republic Optical. Their mission is to be one if not the only leading eye care clinic that is committed to improving the lives of their patients through world-class eye care by utilizing innovations of the modern world. Speaking of innovation, what got my attention is their newest eyewear collection called PROSAFE.

With PROSAFE lenses, we reduce glare when we are exposed to blue light emitted by digital screens. I have noticed that when Zeeka or when I am using my gadget at night, it’s hard for us to sleep. With the ProSafe Blue Light Collection glasses, these can actually help all of us minimize the damage blue light wavelengths can cause. As a parent, the safety of Zeeka’s eyesight comes first so this was definitely something that I liked.

I also love the acetate sleek design that allows you to stay protected and still look stylish. By the way, they also have PROSAFE for adults. I got myself a pair, too!

Wearing my PROSAFE Glasses from EYE Republic Optical

Now, for the price. This really shocked me! I got Zeeka’s PROSAFE 7005 for a discounted price of Php 795! It’s original price was Php 2990. Her glasses also come in different colors! Super cute! She got the sky blue one.

My little cutie wearing PROSAFE KIDS
My little cutie wearing PROSAFE KIDS

I got the PROSAFE 4003 in turquoise for myself. When I wear it, it’s really light and it feels like I’m not wearing glasses. I usually get dark colors so it’s refreshing to see myself in the mirror now dawning a lighter shade for my frame. The lenses were just at Php 1999 and there are different option for the lenses.

PROSAFE Glasses for Adults

If you opt to get the blue coat anti-radiation lens with prescription, just add Php 2500 for these really get lenses.

I wanted to go with a shop where I didn’t need to get out of the house. This was one of my pre-requisites in choosing. I had Zeeka’s prescription so I just sent that to them. As for mine, I requested that they pick up my old specs so that they would have a basis.

Prosafe Glasses for kids

They did and it was no hassle. It was so easy to coordinate with them. I also love that they updated me when my lenses would be delivered. They were so efficient.

I will definitely order from them again, hopefully not after 5 months. I hope that this one lasts this time around!

If you want to check out their shop, you can visit their online store here: