Beatrix New York now in Manila!

If you are a brand catering to moms, we are actually a market that is easy to please. Yes, we, moms, are actually easy to please. We need things to be durable. We need things to be washable. And, we need them to be cute enough so our kids will use your product. See! If you have all of these qualities, I’m sure you will be able to penetrate this market.

Launch of Beatrix Manila

This is the reason why Beatrix New York captured the hearts of moms here in Manila. They knew what we wanted and they gave it. I guess it’s no wonder that they understand what we, moms, need because the founder is a mom, herself. Beatrix New York was founded in 2007 by Claire Theobald. She created the brand because she just wanted a bag that was not only cute, but easy to clean and durable.

Claire teamed up with creative director, Marcus Woolcott and designed three bags that they joined in a fair. Customers loved the bags and this was the start of the company!

This month, Quirks Marketing introduced Beatrix New York to the moms in Manila. I went to the intimate gathering and I love, love, love all their products.

Cutie Octopus Bags

Cutie lunch box

This Owl Reminds me of Zeeka

This Owl Reminds me of Zeeka 🙂

Zeeka got one Lady Bug Lunchbox

Zeeka got one Lady Bug Lunchbox

These are the products that they have:

Beatrix Lunch Box (Php 1695)
Beatrix Little Kid’s Backpack (Php 2195)
Beatrix Big Kid’s Backpack (Php 2550)
Beatrix Wheelie Bag (Php 5095)

The thing that I loved about it was that the lunch box is machine washable. You can just throw it in and it doesn’t get deformed! So cool, right?

Olidex demonstrated machine washing

Olidex demonstrated machine washing

being washed

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Built — Making it work for you and your Baby!

The thing about being a mompreneur is that your house becomes the main storage area for all your businesses. Late last year, I contacted Kat Ong, a professional organizer from and I agreed to contact her after we have our garage sale (was set last December). I said that she would probably find it easier after I got to sell things that I wanted to let go. I did sell a lot of stuff, but ‘new’ stuff came in and the ‘situation’ of my home is a bit ‘messier’ than it was during the time that I contacted her. She mentioned in her email “Costs depends on the situation of a space. I’d have to see the place first and do an assessment, interview you and take photos – all kept confidential”. I didn’t get back to her because I feel I’m not ready for her to fix the place. She might fix it then I’d just mess it up after a week (saying naman!). So Kat, if you’re reading this, I’m so sorry! I might fail you after.

Check out a few photos of our place, which used to be a beautiful and peaceful sanctuary. It’s still beautiful (in my eyes), but now with more character, especially with Zeeka in the picture.

When I was talking with my interior designer when the house was first built, I wanted things that were both functional and stylish. As you know, our home is not huge so we wanted everything to be functional and beautiful. She was successful in giving us what we wanted, but that was four years ago and that was before we had our daughter in the picture.

I’m like any other mom who loves looking at beautifully decorated spaces, well taken pictures and amazingly shot OOTDs on Pinterest. I am amazed at how moms, like me, can actually keep their houses tidy as if they were pulled out from a magazine. I am amazed at how a scene with them carrying a baby can look so picture perfect just like how celebrities would look while carrying their babies. I am amazed at how neatly they pack things into a diaper bag and everything seems so organized.

Looking at what makes it (the picture) all work are actually products that help moms like us feel like things can still be beautiful and functional for you and your baby. These products are made by BUILT.


BUILT, founded by Aaron Lown and John Roscoe Swartz, has already been in the industry for 10 years. BUILT is actually a product innovation company. Their goal is to make products that are effortless in use, delightful to experience, distinctive in appearance, and ingenious in design. I fell in love with this brand for the first time when I bought its one bottle wine tote before as a gift. I loved the design of their neoprene totes.
Most of their products are made from Neoprene, since it’s durable (tear, heat and water-resistant). It’s reusable and highly protective (can absorb the shock of everyday handling). It also insulates up to 4 hours and is light weight and machine washable.


I was happy to find out that they are now creating products for babies, too. All current baby and lunch products are BPA Free and Latex Free. I was most impressed by the Station Convertible Diaper Bag (Php 5950). It’s actually a diaper bag that transforms to become a changing area for baby.

2014-02-06 12.10.16

2014-02-06 12.09.54

– Made from neoprene (the wetsuit material)
– Tested for FDA food safety, lead safety and phthalates
– PVC, BPA, latex and vinyl free
– Unzips to convert to an integrated changing station with a removable and machine washable changing pad
– Interior pockets to store diapers, wipes, etc.
– Two exterior bottle pockets – insulates up to 4 hours
– Additional exterior pockets for quick access
– Adjustable shoulder strap with padding for shoulder comfort
– Stain resistant

Exterior Dimensions: W 13” x H 10.8” x D 6.5”
Strap Drop: 27.6”

Bib from Built

caddy from built 2014-02-06 12.06.12

The other products that caught my attention are the Messy Mate Toddler Bib (Php 1195) and the Caddy (Php 1895).
Cool products, right? Built is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Quirks Marketing Philippines (@quirksph). To check out more products from Built, you can like them on Facebook ( or check out Quirks Marketing Philippines’ Instagram account (@quirksph). Make it work for you and your baby by purchasing Built from these stores:

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