Reality Check

Here I go again with random thoughts. There are just days like these that make you think. There are just moments like this that shake you and make you realize how off tangent your life is. I always try to be positive, but there are moments when you have to admit that life isn’t perfect and maybe things will never be perfect. Maybe there is no such thing as perfect.

Why do we strive for perfection? Why do we dream of a better life, a better job, a better business, a better marriage, a better figure, better health, a better bank account, etc.? Are these really things that we need to have or are we presented with a standard that we need to attain or at least fulfill? It gets so stressful sometimes. Sometimes, I wonder if people are really what they seem. I wonder if they are true or are just pretending to be something to someone to carry on the show. I wonder if anything in this world is real.

That brings me to the point of reality. What is REAL? Is something real when you see it? We see pictures of happy people on Instagram, Facebook and should we automatically think that they live happy lives? Is that real? If it’s something that you don’t see, such as love or sacrifice or friendship, isn’t that real, too? I just don’t think we’ll ever know if something is real, unless we really try to find out ourselves.

For friends and family, they know that I overthink things sometimes. I do think though that it’s good to do so at times. It makes me really check on myself. Sometimes, I feel tired, and now I know that it’s not only because of the multiple tasks that I have to do. It’s because I strive to be perfect in all aspects of my life. I strive to be the perfect wife to my husband. I strive to be the perfect mom for my daughter. I strive to be the perfect friend. I strive to be the perfect mentor. I strive to be the perfect boss. I strive to be the perfect Ginger. And today, It just hit me once again and I realized that all of these are just fantasies and that no one can be perfect. No one can be the best at everything.

Today, I looked at my daughter and I admire her. I admire her for the strength of character that she possesses. She’s very confident and she knows what she wants. Although she’s just two years old, I think she’ll be stronger than I am. I am thinking that I must be doing something right.

At least, I know that this is real.