La-Z-Boy: A Busy Mom’s Form of Relaxation

Day in and day out, we spend most of the day working. My daughter would often ask me, “Why do you need to work, mama?”. I would then tell her that I’m working so that we earn money to buy the things that she wants. Let’s face it. We work because we want to earn money — money that would sustain the chosen lifestyle that we want. With the work that I do, I am often in front of the computer. A lot of times, especially when I forget to take mini-breaks and to stand up once in a while, my back hurts. Studies show that 80% of the population will likely experience back problems with the type of work that they do. Adults with back pain are 3 times more likely to be in poor health and 4 times more likely to experience serious psychological distress.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and lately, I actually thought that I was going crazy. I had some serious mood swings and for some reason, everything was a blur. Last week, I made some changes in my life:

1. I spent lesser time in social media
2. I spent more time with people who were positive, who were open to collaborating and who were go-getters in achieving their dreams
3. I spent more time on things that I really enjoyed doing like watching downloads of The Mindy Project, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Shark Tank and Drop Dead Diva and also watching animation shorts on YouTube… haha! I also spent more time playing boardgames. I missed these things.
4. I spent more time relaxing also. I got so stressed out trying to be perfect in every way. I was striving so hard to be the perfect mom, wife, leader, friend, etc. that instead of succeeding, I was failing. I noticed that once I let go, everything started “working” out for me.

Playing Peek-a-Boo!

Playing Peek-a-Boo!

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And one of the things that I did at home was I took a few minutes rest after every few hours. The tool that helped me a lot was our La-Z-Boy. I’m sure you’re quite familiar with this brand. La-Z-Boy has reclining chairs and sofas where the seat and the back move simultaneously. This is to ensure that your back and spine are supported. The sofa chair also has a leg rest that is patented to give you extra comfort. Because of the benefits that it gives, La-Z-Boy is proudly endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Zeeka in a La-Z-Boy

Check this out, too. La-Z-Boy is perfect for pregnant women. I actually wished that I had this while I was still breastfeeding.

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My 3-year old daughter loves it, too! She calls it her rocking chair. We would also often sit together and just cuddle. She also loves playing on, because all of these adjustable parts seem to be more engaging and useful in her world of “pretend” kingdoms and jungles.

Zeeka and Ginger in a La-Z-Boy

Check out their new model, the La-Z-Boy Power XR. This is a series of remote controlled recliners. How cool is that!

I highly recommend having the La-Z-Boy in your home. I know it’s more pricey than a lot of other chairs or sofa out there, but it certainly has benefits that is beyond what you can get from the others. To know more about La-Z-Boy, please visit

Relax Once in Awhile: My Neo Day Spa Experience

I think I need a vacation. Early this morning, while on my Uber (use my code r0gtb for free credits by the way!) car going to domestic airport road, I was dreaming of the beach. Then my thoughts shifted to scheduling another spa session at Neo Day Spa. After a minute, it moved on to the next thought of having to clean up my files next week. After a minute, I thought about another thing, then another, then another. I need to stop.

I feel tired. When I answer messages on Facebook, I usually answer using voice messages already (which is a new thing that I love doing! It’s so convenient. You should try it!) since I always multi-task. What people don’t know is that I’m so busy that I answer their messages while crossing the street, while eating, while writing, etc. Haha!

I then thought of adding this little something to my blog. I will record some of my thoughts during the day. This is my first recording and pardon some mistakes in my grammar, because honestly, I think I was half asleep here.

I just listened to this now! Haha! Don’t you just find how weird your voice sounds when you record it? It seems like it’s so far from how you perceive it to be? Anyway, I’m digressing.


Yes, people! We deserve to take a break. It’s so weird that everything I feel sleepy in the afternoon, right after lunch, I just feel the need to text my husband and to ask him if it’s okay to sleep. Then he would obviously tell me that it is. I just realized it now that that’s the way I am. Deep inside I feel like I need to ask permission from someone… anyone if I plan to take breaks. Haha! That’s the thing about being your own boss. It feels awkward to take these little breaks that we actually deserve.

Last week, I had the most wonderful afternoon at Neo Day Spa. I had the most amazing massage… ever. We tried out Neo Day Spa’s Zen Spa package.

Neo Day Spa

Neo Day Spa

Neo Day Spa 1

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The Zen Spa Package was just the thing that I needed to destress after a whole month of intense working. The package is composed of a 60 minute body scrub of your choice and a 90 minute whole body massage. My husband and I occupied the couple’s room. I loved the look, feel and mood of the room. Upon entering, you would immediately see the the two massage beds. On the side, it had a sink that you can use with a mirror and a shower area that is at the corner of the room. The room is lit just right, mostly from natural light that comes in from the window. The temperature of the room is adjustable, so if you feel too cold or warm, you can easily have them adjust it.

2015-10-16 13.03.35

2015-10-16 13.03.53

For my scrub, I chose the young rice body scrub. This scrub is made from fragrant ground jasmine rice mixed with a velvety cream. This treatment helps remove dead skin by using the conditioning, soothing and softening properties of rice starch. My husband on the other hand chose the lemongrass option. He loved the smell of the scrub, although his scrub felt stickier than mine. Both achieved the results of having smoother and glowing skin.

Scents and scrubs to choose from at Neo Day Spa

Scents and scrubs to choose from at Neo Day Spa

2015-10-16 13.12.56

After they scrubbed our bodies, we were wrapped in plastic for a few minutes and then we were given time to rinse it off in the shower.

For the next 90 minutes, we had our massage. It was the most relaxing experience I have ever had in almost three years. I haven’t had time to book a massage until this came along. Thank you to my friend Nikki from who encouraged me and gave me this opportunity to pamper myself.

Lesson of the story is that we all deserve to take breaks! We shouldn’t feel that we don’t deserve it. I even love this advice from my idol, Timothy Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Work Week, where he says that you should take mini-vacations if you can. We need to feel rewarded, even for just a bit or for a while, so that we won’t feel tired or so that we won’t feel that we’re missing all the fun. Life is fun! Let’s relax and take a break!