Effectively Managing a Remote Workforce

Many people, all over the world, are working remotely for the first time, as we try to stop the spread of COVID-19 so that our lives can return to normal. For some, the transition has been simple, but others are trying to work around children and other family members, homeschooling and other chores, uncertainly, mental health issues, and other factors. It’s tough. 

If you are responsible for a team, you might find that keeping them motivated, productive, and on the right track is much harder when we are all separate, and face to face contact is limited. But it’s crucial that you do. 

There are many benefits of remote working. With the right tools and resources, you could find that your team is more productive and creative than ever. Your business could thrive if you can manage to keep them motivated. Here are some tips to help. 

Improve Your Own Project Management Skills

Your own project management skills might need a brush up if you are working remotely. You might need some project management tips to help you to manage your own time, and organize your work. Only once you’ve got yourself in the right mindset, will you be able to effectively delegate, set goals and objectives, and practice constant quality assurance. Spend some time on yourself, and you’ll be better equipped to motivate others. 

Set Clear Expectations

The best way to get the most out of a team is always to set clear and attainable goals and expectations. They should have long-term targets, but also short-term, daily goals. Often, we feel like our employees let us down, but in reality, there was just a misalignment with expectations. Employees have no special abilities or knowing what’s on your mind, so speak up and clearly communicate goals with them.

This might be even more true right now, when they spend a lot of their time working on their own, without anyone standing over them to offer support and guidance. Set clear daily targets, and make sure that everyone understands what you want from them.

Find Effective Ways to Communicate

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Communication is crucial at the moment. Fortunately, we’ve entered lockdown in a highly connected world. Ten years ago, remote working would have been much more difficult. 

But, while there are plenty of communication options available, they might not all be right for you and your team all of the time. A daily, or weekly, group video chat may be useful, and one on one video calls to deal with specific issues can be a good idea. But, you can’t be video calling just to check-in throughout the day, you’d never get anything done. You may find that quick phone calls, messages, and emails are more efficient during the working day. 

You should also make sure your team knows that you are always reachable if they need help, and give them information about your preferred contact methods. 

Get Personal

This is a tough time, and having personal connections with your team will help you to support and motivate them. We’re all dealing with things differently, and some people are finding it harder than others. Check-in on a personal level, ask how they are and have an open chat. It could help a lot. 

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