All About Business Registration with the BIR

The Bureau of Internal Revenue just announced recently that anyone who is earning income, especially those who are earning via electronic means, should be registered with the BIR. They discussed in detail business registration with the BIR in this circular RMC 60-2020.

Part of the list of types of business mentioned by the BIR are the following:

  • businesses earning via electronic means
  • Partner sellers and merchants
  • Payment gateways
  • Delivery channels
  • Internet service Providers
  • and other facilitators

All business owners shall update their business registration document with the BIR and their status no later then July 31, 2020.

Business owners, aside from business registration, are all encouraged to voluntarily declare all past transactions when declared and paid before the said date.

For all newly registered businesses, too, you are also required to have and do the following:

  • Issue Official Receipt or Invoice for every sale
  • Keep registered Books of Accounts and accounting records of business transactions
  • Withhold taxes (if applicable)
  • File required tax returns
  • Pay correct taxes on time


Which RDO should you register with?

In general, register with the RDO in the city where your head office is located or in the city of your residence if you are an individual or self-employed tax payer.

If I don’t have TIN?

You have to get a Tax Identification Number first before registering your business.

What if I have a TIN but I haven’t registered any business yet?

Please register your business using Form 1901 of the BIR in the RDO within the correct city of the place of business.

If you need the list of requirements, feel free to head on over to The complete list is there for Individual tax payer (whether you are a Non-Licensed professional like a consultant, freelancer, etc. or a Licensed Professional like a doctor, etc. or a Sole Proprietor like an online seller, etc.)

What are the requirements to get a Certificate of Registration?

How do I know if I am completed business registration with the BIR?

You will know if you are completely registered with the BIR if you have a Certificate of Registration or Form 2303, An Authority to Print form (this is so that you can have ORs and Invoices printed by accredited printers) and stamped books of accounts.

If you are based in these locations, Taxumo offers a service where they can process the registration for you:

  • All parts of Metro Manila
  • Rizal
  • Laguna
  • Cavite
  • Tarlac
  • Batangas

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to

Hope this helps!