Rewrite your Future: Transformational Leadership Seminar

It’s April 25 and it’s the perfect day to rewrite your future (haha! Any day is perfect for rewriting your future!). You just have to start now! I had a talk for Solopreneur Philippines last Friday, and my topic was Entrepreneurship 101. If you attended my talk, I began with knowing the reasons why you want to be an entrepreneur or the reasons why you want to start your business.


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Then, over the weekend, I thought about my mission, and I thought of so many questions. Questions like, with what I am doing, is it enough? Is there another way to help others, where I can truly contribute and make things happen for them? I then looked at different workshops on what can help me answer these questions. Aside from the workshops at Manila Workshops (, of course, I also saw this interesting seminar to be held on May 5 – 7, 2017 at Marriott Grand Ballroom, Marriott Hotel Manila, Pasay City. This seminar is called SLS1 Transformational Leadership and it will be held by Successful Living Summit.

SLS1 Transformational Leadership is a 3-day experiential training where transformation occurs by way of exploration, reflection, and participation in activities that parallel real life situations. This will be facilitated by Ever Miranda, a consultant with The John Maxwell Team. Participants will examine their behaviors and experience the effects of their behavior while embracing feedback in a safe and supportive environment. Assumptions will be challenged and new ways of thinking will be formed.

Past participants (of those who attended the US training) have attested that this seminar is life-changing, enabling them to appreciate their relationships, helping them to overcome their success blockers to reach confidently for their lifelong dreams. Some of the testimonials are here below:

“Before SLS1, I was holding back on my goals. SLS empowered me to overcome the fears that were holding me back.”- Alonso Vargas, California

“My experience in SLS was beautiful, I have no words to say how amazing this training is. SLS is a journey to discover who are as a person and your mission that God sent you in this world for. Without SLS in my life, I wouldn’t be living, I would be a human being in this world without a purpose.” – Carlitos Henriquez, USA

Registration begins at 1:00 PM on May 5, 2017 and training will follow shortly after ending at 10:00PM. The second day of training will be from 12:00 – 10:00 PM and third day of training starts at 12:00PM commencing at a graduation at 7:30PM where participants can invite family or friends.

Participants can avail of the early bird rate of P15,000.00 until May 1, 2017 after which time it will increase to P18,000.00. You can register via this link:

I hope to see you there!

***SLS1 Transformational Leadership is produced by Thirdmillenium Projects, Inc., Makati City and organized by Event Detailer Events Management Services, Parañaque City.