Sabangan Beach Resort: Perfect for Weekend Getaways

We, Moms, get those moments when we want to go somewhere relaxing with the family, but when we think of all the bags and things that we need to bring, and when we think of all the schedules that we have to fix, we just ditch the idea. My family and I haven’t been travelling a lot because when I think of all of these things, I get tired just thinking about them. Recently, however, I really wanted to go take a break (I think I mentioned why in a previous post) so I decided to check out nearby beaches and resorts. Of course, when we think of a place that’s near Manila, a place that comes to mind is Batangas.

Sabangan Beach

A lot of families have been to beaches and resorts in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. We haven’t been there; this is the first time that we are actually going to a beach in that area. We went to Sabangan Beach Resort.

The drive from Manila was around 3.5 hours. It was a relaxing drive.  There were not a lot of directional signs leading to the place (so they might need to add more signs). The place was easy to find, though so you need not worry! For directions to the place, you can check it on this page: Directions to Sabangan

We left at 7am and we got there at around 10:30 AM. Check in was at 2:00 PM, so we just rested and went around the resort.

2015-05-27 10.24.44

2015-05-27 10.24.56

2015-05-27 10.26.03-2

Sabangan's Food Area

This is where we ate our meals 🙂

2015-05-27 17.02.33


While waiting for the room, my toddler had fun playing in their mini play area.
2015-05-27 12.11.53

2015-05-27 12.08.39

2015-05-27 12.07.36

2015-05-27 12.19.14


At 2:00 PM, they led us to our rooms. We were led to an air-conditioned room with two double sized beds, a private toilet and bath with water heater, an outdoor patio set, a mini refrigerator, cable television and room safe. Sabangan Beach Resort also provided 4 towels, soap, tooth brushes and complimentary Agua Vida purified water. Each room can accommodate 4 people. The rooms also come with meals already. The room as around Php 10,680.

We were so tired that we slept that afternoon. We woke up around 4:30 pm. My daughter was so excited about swimming so we all rushed to the beach.

2015-05-27 17.01.25 2015-05-27 17.04.30

2015-05-27 17.05.54

The sand was a bit coarse but it was okay. The water was amazing! We could see little fishies swimming below. We had a Go Pro camera to take family videos and when we reviewed some of the files, it showed schools of fish swimming near our feet!

In the evening, the place was so relaxing that I got to think about a lot of things about my life and strategies for my business. Read all about my thoughts here: Growing your Business and Priorities

I would definitely go back to Sabangan Beach Resort for another weekend of fun with the family and even for some Me Time. As a mom, it’s important to have these bonding moments with family and some time for yourself to rejuvenate and be inspired and motivated again!

To check out or reserve a room at Sabangan Beach Resort, please visit: