Zeeka Stars in Videos! (Personalized See-Mee Video)

There are more and more personalized products released right now in the market. Coming out with personalized products make your customers feel that they are special and that you really thought about them. A personalized approach is effective especially if you want to build a relationship with your audience. See, even Coke came out with the personalized bottles!

Personalized Coke Bottles

Speaking of personalizing things, my daughter now loves to watch herself on this personalized videos that I play on our TV screen (sometimes on my laptop). I am at awe on how people can be so creative and how they came up with an idea like this. This service, which I recently got to know about is about creating personalized cartoon videos with your baby as the “star” of the show, with the goal of educating your child with each episode. This is something like the greetings that they have in Baby TV (if you do get to watch that channel). This service is from www.See-Mee.com. I received a copy of my daughter, Zeeka’s videos and these videos are so cute! Check these out!

*Click on “Playlist” to see more episodes.

What I like about the videos is that it teaches my daughter different lessons per episode: finding shapes, spotting the differences, making choices, etc. The graphics are very colorful and vibrant that it really holds the attention of Zeeka (my daughter). She always giggles and laughs when she watches herself.


For international buyers, meaning if you have Paypal or a Credit Card, you can go to this site (SEE-MEE.COM) and you can order there. The packages are at:

You Tube/Watch Online Package $9.95
Download Package $19.95
Customized DVD/DVD Label $49.95

The good news is that the videos are also available for those who are here in the Philippines without Paypal or credit card. For Philippines Buyers (which was how I got the videos), all you have to do is email a clear photo of your child (preferably a close-up shot) and they will send you the videos once done. You can choose from these packages:

YouTube/Watch Online Package
Price: P700.00
This includes…
– 12 personalized episodes starring your child!
– Total duration: 60 minutes (5 min. per episode)
– Specially designed with educational experts to entertain and teach pre-schoolers
– Get instantly a personal web link to watch all episodes on the See-Mee site
– This link will be available for two years. During this time, it can be accessed without limits.
– Personal hyperlink to share movies on Facebook, Twitter, blogs…
– Access your movies on any device that is connected to the internet
– No registration required!

Download Package
Price: P1,000.00
This includes…
– 12 personalized downloadable MPEG movies (1024×576) starring your child!
– Total duration: 60 minutes (5 min. per episode) / Total filesize: 1.2GB (100MB per episode)
– Movie files will be ready after 5 working days
– Specially designed with educational experts to entertain and teach pre-schoolers
– Watch the episodes on any device: PC, tablet, smartphone, …
– Upload very easily your MPEG files to streaming video sites like YouTube
– Extra: a personal web link to watch all episodes online on the See-Mee site

Other Additional Services:
Burning of Video to DVD (with plain label) — +P200.00
Additional DVD copy — +P100
Shipping fee — +P60 for MM, provincial rates for outside MM
Personalized DVD (coming soon) – with Personalized Cover and Disk Label

For orders from the Philippines, you can visit the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/personalizedbabyvids

You can also send an email to: info@tweenselmom.com

For more details, check out this blog post from TweenselMom.

I’m thinking that this service will be great to be given as giveaways during birthday parties or to be played during these events. I wonder if they can eventually make a video with various characters. It will be fun to make if you have more than one child.

Let me know if you have videos made, too!