Typhoon Yolanda: What You Can Do To Help

I haven’t been posting anything new recently in both my blogs since I have been following the news. It has been just a few days since the strongest typhoon ever to be recorded in the world hit the Philippines. There have been more than 10,000 estimated deaths already and the number has been rising day by day.

People have been looking for ‘kamag-anaks’ and friends whom they know to have been in the area where the typhoon left the greatest devastation (Leyte and other areas in the Visayas). It’s really heart breaking to see people crying over the lost of their loved one/s, homes, properties, etc. There are a lot of people and organizations already asking for donations.

If you want to donate to the victims of typhoon yolanda, this is a great list that Rappler compiled:

I already donated through Philippine Red Cross. I’m thinking of other ways that I could help.

Have you already donated? Have you thought of ways on how you can help?

P.S. Sending out love and prayers to all those affected by this super typhoon.

Sesame Street Themed Party

As you all know, my blog is accepting contributions for bright ideas for parties or party decorations that you’d like to share. For the details on how to submit, please click on this link: http://mommyginger.com/party-planning


I miss Sesame Street. I used to watch it when I was a kid. I’ve been seeing a lot of Sesame Street Themed party. For those thinking of using the Sesame Street Themed Party, check out this contribution made by Mommy Sharry Casco-Matias.

The theme that was chosen by Mommy Sharry was Sesame Street, because his son, who is the celebrant, loves Ernie. He is fond of watching Sesame Street. Mommy Sharry designed the invitation and Facebook invite announcements. Venue was at ChicBoy Madrigal. They have a mezzanine that she requested to be closed for the private party. The people from Chicboy Madrigal were very helpful in setting up the venue and they are very accommodating during the event.

Copy of the invite

Copy of the invite

Venue of the Celebration

Venue of the Celebration

Hanging decorations and table decorations were made by the godmother of Mommy Sharry’s son- Mimi Rodriguez. It was made from folded Japanese paper. Mommy just added the eyes and mouth. The balloons and set up was care of another godmother, Maricar Bagayawa.

Sesame Street Party 0005

Cake was care of mommy Sharry’s sister-in-law Daintee Matias-Bulanhagui. They just added toys of son and daughter to compliment the table. The Daddy also made a clay sculpture of his son David with Ernie.

Sesame Street Party 0012

Sesame Street Party 0008

For the godparents’ souvenirs, they gave out a box of home made chocolate brownies chef Mark Matias. Both parents made the themed boxes. They made use of card boards and double sided tapes. They also gave the godparents products of their good friend Melvin Laquindanum, which were oatmeal and papaya soap.

Sesame Street Party 0015

Sesame Street Party 0011

For the guests, Mommy Sharry and daughter made themed paper bags using art paper and glue. They packed cookies which they bought from the supermarket. Guests were also given a container of cereal mixed with sweet nuts.

Sesame Street Party 0002

Mommy Sharry is thankful for all the relatives and friends who were willing to lend a hand. It made the load of party planning easier and FUN! 🙂

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