A Life Full of Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And with that, let’s all sing along with my crush, Adam…

I have this horrible sore throat now and no, it’s not from singing (i wish!), but it’s from this pestering colds and cough that I had from our trip from Ilocos. I’ll write about it in another entry, but today, let’s talk about LOVE!

I think love is such a simple word to say and to spell, but not all of us really understand it’s meaning. Most of us, especially now that it’s Valentine’s day, think that love is something related to romanticism or sometimes even to lust or infatuation.

I got to watch 50 Shades of Grey and most of the viewers were ladies. I think we, ladies, were there for Christian Grey (aminin!) and for the romantic story line (even if it scenes of BDSM was patched on to it). Most ladies are really romantics. I think, I’m pretty safe making that generalization. We want to be loved and of course, we want to give love back. I think that’s pretty amazing. If we have everyone adhere to this general rule of loving each other, we’d have no senseless fights, murders and chaos. Although, I’m fascinated by all of these things about love, I think that you don’t necessarily need to be a romantic to be capable of giving great and pure love. Love doesn’t always involve romanticism. Why do we always think that love should always be equated with being a romantic? I don’t think so, because I for one, am not a romantic person (haha! There, I have said it!). Though, obviously, I am not a heartless biatch, too!

When I was younger, yes, I believed in romance. I still do, but I don’t think that this is the only word that we can associate love with. There are different types of love that we can feel for each person.

Shake your Life

I finally finished reading the book Shake your Life by the Happy Barn Milkshake Factory and some of the virtues and values that I would associate LOVE with are the following things stated in the book and descriptions directly quoted from the book:


COMPASSION: “When someone is sad, be sensitive and share in his/her sorrow. Have a compassionate ear that will listen and a compassionate heart that will help.”

KINDNESS: “When you are helpful towards those in need without expecting anything in return”

FORGIVENESS: “When you forgive others, you take away their power to hurt you.”

GRATITUDE: “Being glad for things that happened knowing that it was not you who made it happen — that is gratitude!”

So this Valentine’s day, think of the other people around you, too, and impart Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness and Gratitude! Have a great Valentine’s Day, everyone!

PS. Shake your Life! The Happy Barn Milkshake Factory’s 30 Thirsty Quenching Flavors of Happy Thoughts to Live By can be purchased at any Happy Barn Store!