Creating Beautiful Pictures on Instagram

One of the effective ways to get advertisers for your blog is to show them how high the engagement is for your posts in social media are. My engagement in Facebook is high, but I still need to work on Instagram. Increasing followers on Instagram is so hard since you need to have amazing photos. Especially  for entrepreneurs with products that are highly visual (like food, crafts, and other pretty stuff), you need to take amazing photos.

Admittedly, I need help with mobile photography and I know a lot of bloggers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. need help with this also. It was just recently, from my team Memory Crafters, that I got to learn the term “flat lays”. Haha! I didn’t even know what it was for the longest time and I never bothered to ask.

There are a lot of things that we need to learn about Mobile Photography, particularly taking photos for Instagram, and a learning about it will make branding and business sense.


Join us this coming Saturday and do bring your loved one as we learn about this amazing world of Mobile Photography! We will learn it from none other than my friend and very talented photographer, Sheila Catilo. In this event, Sheila will teach the basics of Mobile photography and her unique ways on how you can express and tell your story through your photos. Get to know her exceptional styles, tips and tricks and experiences in the industry.

I. Introduction

II. Mobile phone basics
A. Exposure
B. Focus
C. Functions
D. Strengths and weaknesses

III. More than just a picture
A. Defining your objective
B. Identifying your subject
C. Finding your style
D. Knowing your audience

IV. Telling your story
A. Finding your light
B. Rules of composition that work
C. The importance of timing
D. A sense of context
E. Captioning

V. Editing before you click
A. Cleaning up the frame
B. Styling your shot

VI. Choosing photography apps and accessories
VII. Editing and sharing your photos
VIII. Loading up on inspiration
IX. Practice makes perfect (SHOOT PROPER)
X. Constructive critique session

About Sheila 🙂

1653399_10152009709701406_1875042325_nSheila first fell in love with photography when she got a Canon Pixma for her 9th birthday. Back then, they were inseparable. By the time she was in high school, she volunteered to be their school paper’s photojournalist using her uncle’s old SLR to take pictures and join contests, saving her allowance to buy film, develop the photos she took and share them with her family and friends. It didn’t really occur to her that she would eventually do it for a living, but to her, being a photographer now is like ending up with her childhood sweetheart.

She is happily married to her best friend and co-photographer, Jorem Catilo and full-time mom to 3 little girls who she cannot stop shooting. Her Instagram account is evidence to this fact. Check it out through

Please do join us on February 27 (It was moved from Feb. 13). Sign up here: