Good Oral Hygiene for Your Baby and Toddler with Spiffies

I just came from the dentist this week. I found out that I already need some of my teeth fixed. Normally, this is something that will not make me panic, but since I’m in this crazy mood, I am bent on scheduling this as soon as possible. Yesterday, I told you how I’m in this crazy mood or phase of making sure that my little lady (me and husband, too) is in the best of health. This worry includes having perfect teeth early on.

Moms are Crazy

I overheard one mommy who attended the Basic Yaya Training the other day ask what to use to clean the gums of her little baby. I was impressed that she was already thinking of cleaning of good oral hygiene, which to be honest, not a lot of moms think about at that early stage. But she’s right. Cleaning the mouth of your baby even before they get to have teeth gives the primary teeth a clean place where they can come in.

I remember cleaning Baby Z’s mouth with cloth. Sometimes I use my finger and a little bit of toothpaste to clean her gums.

Nowadays, moms can actually use these things (why wasn’t I aware of things like these when Zeeka was still little!). These are Spiffies Baby Toothwipes. These are for babies 4 months to 18 months old. Do you know that early childhood tooth decay can begin during these times? Scary, right?

These Spiffies Baby Toothwipes were created by Dr. Ray Wagner, a board certified pediatrician of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Spiffies Toothwipes have been tested and proven to reduce cavities by up to 72% with regular use. These wipes come in two flavors: Grape and Apple.

Spiffies Baby Toothwipes

Spiffies Baby Toothwipes

Though for Baby Z, since she’s older already, I make her use the Spiffies I Can Brush Tooth Gel. I’m actually quite relieved that she loves brushing her teeth so no fights, shouting or crying there!

Spiffies Toothgel

Spiffies I Can Brush Tooth Gel

What makes Spiffies so effective is that it contains Xylitol, which is an all-natural ingredient that is clinically proven to reduce cavity causing bacteria and also prevents tooth decay. It is also safe to swallow so you need not worry if baby gets to ingest tooth gel at this stage that they are still learning how to brush their teeth. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) and even the Philippine Dental Association recognizes the benefits of Xylitol on the oral health of infants, children, teens and even adults.

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