Getting Ready for 2015 — A Review on Strip (Ministry of Waxing)

I recently watched Gone Girl and that is seriously one F#@Ked up movie (sorry for doing that!). I rarely describe something using foul language, but for those of you who have watched that movie, you’ll know why I had to. Since I had more time over the holidays, I also started watching House of Cards, and again (for those who have watched it), I am speechless. Watching all of these dramas really affect you. I really watch telenovelas because I have always believed that it affects how you deal with real life. You become more emotional and sensitive to things and sometimes, you even tend to ‘add meaning’ to things just because you find yourself trying to pattern your life to these stories that you watch. I guess i’m lucky that I am quite aware of these things and intentionally, I try not to be over dramatic about things, just because I watch drama.

Over these past few days, I have resolved to conquer 2015 head on, with a clear mind. Watching these stories made me think that I just want to view things in a simple and uncomplicated way and I’d like to approach things in a simple way, too. No drama.

Also, I have resolved to be the best version of myself. I am not perfect. I am but human. I don’t take care of my things thus all these dust accumulating on my laptop. I recently got this fitness wearable from my husband for Christmas (MISFIT SHINE in a cute color — Coral) and yet I have managed in two days to scratch the surface. Now it has silver marks on it. I hardly take time out to take care of myself, thus I have been getting pimples again. For those who do not know, I was a pimply kid and teenager.

So enough with that. I’ve had it. I am going back to taking care of myself and being more aware of what I do and what I need to do. One of the things that I decided to do is to have myself waxed — as in all gone. Okay, that sounded weird, but I’m taking into consideration that most of my readers are moms (obviously) or females so there is no shame in telling you about this. Why is it that we find it so taboo to talk about having Brazilians or just trimming areas that need to be trimmed. Face it, this is one important part of our lives that we need advice on, right?

how cute is this?!

how cute is this?!

The more you know, the less you fear!

The more you know, the less you fear!

They have a guide that you can read!

They have a guide that you can read!

Oooh, we love you, too, Strip!

Oooh, we love you, too, Strip!

2014-12-17 14.33.48

Articles on the wall about Strip! :)

Articles on the wall about Strip! 🙂

I’m actually so glad that I found Strip years ago. Strip, Ministry of Waxing, offers a wide variety or treatments for that ladies and gentlemen (yes you heard me right!). I recently tried a service that they called the Brazillian Facial. Sounds interesting, right? The Brazilian Facial is an innovative procedure that provides non-invasive exfoliation while delivering skin specific pharmaceutical grade topical solution to treat concerns such as dehydration, dull skin, acne and in-grown hair.

I was curious to try it out, so I did! I always love coming to Strip. Also, I always get this room. Check out how cute the interiors are…

2014-12-17 14.41.16-1


2014-12-17 14.40.25

2014-12-17 14.43.06


The session started with the typical waxing session that I always have. I have frequented this place because so far, their staff and their method have been the ‘gentlest’ so far. I have tried quite a few and Strip has raise the bar so high that I have always compared the others to their service.

Okay, so after the usual waxing session, the staff turned on this machine. For those who have gone through a diamond peel treatment before, the procedure was quite similar.

Stip Machine

With this treatment, these concerns can be avoided: acne and / or in-grown hair, dehydrated skin and dull skin.

This is my first step to my road to conquer 2015! If you want to try Strip’s services, they have three branches: Strip Serendra, Strip Greenbelt 5 (4th floor) and the newest branch, Strip Megamall.

Check out their website: