Redesigned Website: Encouraging you to Love Learning

My oh my! I am like a kid who just came out from a toy store. That is how I feel now that I have my newly redesigned site. And with this newly renovated site comes super powers… haha! (I wish!) But seriously, with the new website came a new zest for this business once again. I now know where we are headed. I now know where I was going with this (haha… sometimes, I confused myself!). Anyway, first off, I will take you through the features and interface of the site. It’s pretty simple yet, I still want to bask in it’s greatness, so I just want to briefly take you with me on this tour.

This is our beautiful landing page. We have stated our belief and mission in just two words — Love Learning! This is what we want you also to believe in. Each one of us need to realize, even if we are experts in our field or even if we feel we are too old already, we need to┬ánever stop learning! We are encouraging everyone to use #LoveLearning whenever you discover something new or whenever you see something that you would like to learn more about.

Our Landing page!

Our Landing page!

When you click on learn more, it will take you to this really amazing “filterable” page that Pat of Fancy Girl Design Studio created. You are the bomb, Pat!

Manila Workshops Filterable page


See how you smoothly can go from one category to another. There are two other ways you can check out our workshops. You can also browse over WORKSHOPS in the menu above and click on upcoming workshops, or you can go back to the landing page and click on your desired category. We have finally decided on these categories for easy reference:

Manila Workshops Categories

Arts and Crafts
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We hope that it makes everything easier for you to navigate through these categories. Also, please don’t forget to leave your eamil address so that you will receive our newsletter about our upcoming events.

And last but not the least, here is something which we know, some of you have been waiting for. We are launching our eCommerce platform. Manila Workshops will not only be about offline learning events, but we will be open to having individuals share knowledge and acquire knowledge from others through this platform. So what can you sell or buy from our store? Basically, anything and everything that has to do with learning!

Some things that you may sell through our portal (Suggestions!)

  • Workshops and event tickets that are related to learning
  • Programs and Trainings
  • Learning modules, PDFs, Books or eBooks
  • Videos, Podcasts or any form of recording
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions or group mentoring sessions
  • Other item related to learning



Now, you guessed it right! We have opened the platform for others who want to use it. If you are a speaker, book author, or an expert who would like to share your knowledge about a certain skill or topic, just feel free to coordinate with any or the beautiful people in my team and we will be happy to assist you.

Manila Workshops is now a learning hub which we will all share! That’s how much we #LoveLearning ­čÖé

Intellect or Character?

I came across a school for Personality Development in Alabang and I got to talk to the owners for almost three hours. We were talking about business, the “mommy” life, branding, etc. As a mom, one of the things that I have realized during our talk was that a lot of focus is being given by moms to developing the mind or the intellect of their kids. We send them to supplementary classes for math and science and yet little attention or no attention is being given at all to developing one’s character. I’m a Catholic and we go to church every Sunday and we pray taht she grows up to be empathetic, generous, confident and kind to others.

So when I came across La Vie Institute, I was really glad they they had institutions like this. Monica, the program director, shared with me that “The Life Institute” was really created to address the pressing needs of individuals who are in different situations in their lives — from children where bullying or being bullied has become prevalent, to teens who are transitioning to adulthood, to those who will graduate facing stiff competition for jobs. Oh, they also have one for the modern woman!

Monica mentioned that it is really their mission to hold programs that are designed to bring you the fruits of TOTAL Personality Development training to let you live “the life” you imagine for yourself and for your loved ones. Their programs are one of a kind, featuring a multi-layered design that targets all aspects that enriches a person’s habits, values, philosophy, confidence & communication skills. The program features workshops both on verbal and non-verbal communication, self-mastery, both the performing and fine arts as well as etiquette and protocol training, among others, all dealing equally with both intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

I got to tour the place and they had amazing facilities!

La Vie Institute 1

La Vie Institute 7

La Vie Institute 6

La Vie Institute 5

La Vie Institute 4

La Vie Institute 3

La Vie Institute 2

What I like about the place is that it’s very homey and the staff are all so nice! La Vie Institute really makes you feel like you are part of their family. Each class only accepts up to a maximum of 10 participants and this is to make workshops as engaging, interactive and meaningful for all learners. Monica also told me that each student undergoes an assessment to make sure that the teacher adapts and adjusts to the student.

Heather, Monica and Me!

Heather, Monica and Me!

I am seriously considering sending my daughter when she turns 4. Classes on personality development, I believe, is something that we, moms, should consider also for our kids and for ourselves. We have been focusing a lot on the intellect, on them being smart. It’s time we place more attention to building their character and the heart.

To contact La Vie Institute: Visit