Startup Women Connect Asia

We’re finally ready to show you what we have been up to! My friend Kat, Founder of Dezynspace and I (founder of Taxumo) have decided to build a website for Start Up Women Founders in Asia. It’s called Startup Women Connect Asia.

Our mission is to help build the women founders’ skills and confidence so they can build a sustainable business. We also built this to bridge startup women founders to global opportunities.

Startup Women Connect Asia or SWCA

SWCA is a connector of startup women to global opportunities. We are not investors, but we look for investors who plan to invest in women-led businesses. We don’t run an incubator or accelerator program, but we broker for them. If they need startups to join their programs, we help them spread the word. SWCA is also a community of women led startups and businesses.


Through an online pitch library platform, startup women can deposit their online pitches for prospective investors to access and view.


For international and local programs looking for a landing pad to execute in different Asian nations (primary focus will be the Philippines), they can contact us.


For any institution, corporation or organization that targets women – led startups and businesses, we can help them in setting up and building events that will gather our community of startup women.

If you are a women startup founder, please do sign up in the Startup Women Connect Asia Site.

We’ll be launching our programs and access to our resources soon!

Join to get access to:

  • Tips from our passionately curated 20 (and counting!) women founders and business leaders that can help get you started and continue in building a successful business practices.
  • Access to our monthly online mastermind sessions where you can connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Access to an ever-growing online free library of amazing and inspiring business kits, wallpapers, quotations and images that you can use for your business
  • Freebies that we regularly develop for your usage

If you need anything else as a woman founder, please do let us know also in the comments section below. We’l be glad to discuss your suggestion and come up with ideas to help you.

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Hoping to meet all of you soon!