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I am always not anywhere near “kikay-land”. I think that I was born with not a single fashionista or kikay bone in my body. My idea of decent clothes are shirts, jeans and rubber shoes. I usually go out without makeup, and for some reason, even wiht this clean face, I still get pimples often. What is going in with the world?

I know my ways are practical; however, I think that I need to make a complete U-turn when it comes to taking care of myself, especially my physical self. Today, que horror, my usual barista in Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf did not recognize me. When she finally did, she was shocked (I saw her “gulat” face) and she asked me why do I always look different every time I visit. Today, I know that she was not pleasantly surprised. I woke up feeling ugly, so I know that she didn’t recognize me because I looked haggard. It’s time to make a big change and this package came just in time! package

The site is a one stop shop for everything and anything related to beauty! It has a magazine that’s called Bloom and a shop that you can visit. Bloom, the magazine, provides interesting and fun articles that give tips especially for the Filipina’s lifestyle. With the help of our celebrity gurus, we bring you tips, easy how-tos, and great beauty trends you can actually rock in the tropics (promise).

The site

The shop is what I tried and I would say that it is perfect for those women who are just too busy to go out and shop. I value looking beautiful and I think it is important, and I really try to squeeze in time for shopping for beauty product, going to waxing salons and booking a hair color session with my hairstylist. Although, since I am busy, beautifying or taking care of myself takes a back seat, especially in times when I am busy with my business. is such a life saver since I can Categories in


If you have visited their site, they have everything! They have skin care products, makeup, hair care products, organic ones, nail and scents, etc. They have partnered with amazing brands, too, so that you have a various range of products to choose from.

So what did I shop for? I know that you might laugh, but hey, it’s me and my site that you’re visiting. These are the things that I bought…





what I shopped for...

what I shopped for…

I know… I know. I’m just really a practical chic! Hey, I love my hair and I think my hair is one of my assets. It’s really smooth and shiny and easy to manage. I think it’s because, I take such good care of it. I bought these Dove Shampoos and conditioner and this really cool tool called Tangle Teezer. I really love it! Every time I get out of the shower, I just use this brush and viola! My hair magically becomes beautiful!

My shopping experience at was just awesome! The site was simple and easy to navigate. I love that my products came in an elegant package, too! Have you tried to shop at Tell me all about your experience!

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