Tara, NHA, Konek Tayo!

The right to internet access is a basic human right. This was shared by Atty. Marylin Pintor, UIndersecretary of DHSUD. I researched about it and it’s known as the right to broadband or freedom to connect (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_to_Internet_access).

I would have to agree since a lot of the things that we do online need internet connection. It shouldn’t be a luxury only accessible to those who can afford it. Having internet connection means that the kids in our communities get to learn. Teachers are not interrupted also in practicing their profession.

Another thing is that we will have the option to use technology for our day-to-day activities like paying our bills, utilities, etc.

And when it comes to looking for livelihood resources, the internet is also a powerful tool. It give equal opportunities to everyone so that they can earn a decent living. When the pandemic hit, technology has helped a lot in connecting businesses with their customers despite the challenges.

Recently, Globe and the National Housing Authority launched their partnership to connect 11 NHA communities to KonekTayo wifi of Globe. This means that a lot more individuals and families will have access to internet.

Tara NHA Konek Tayo: Ceremonial Launch of the Globe x NHA partnership
Tara NHA Konek Tayo Globe Employees who are part of the Project
Tara NHA Konek Tayo: NHA Employees who are part of the project

This is such a great initiative and I wish that this partnership will support more communities.

This project is powered by KonekTayo Wifi. You can check it out here: http://www.konektayowifi.com/