Throw that Perfect House Party with Oster Mini Raclette Grill

My husband and I are cheese lovers. He recently shared a video on facebook of delicious raclette cheese sliding down from a pan. It look so yummy so I am sharing the video with you!

So I went through raclette recipes online and other recipes with cheese. I then thought of creating a dish that I could prepare for when friends come over.

We normally have friends over at our house on Saturdays. And week after week, we have always been ordering food from restaurants located near the place where we live or we have food delivered to our home. Oftentimes, our decision is the latter since we are all too lazy to go down and eat out! So seeing this video got me inspired to create dishes with melted cheese. At first, I thought of making nachos, then I shifted to thinking of making a “heavier” meal, since light snacks aren’t really our thing! Haha! We are all voracious eaters!

I saw a Chicken Fajitas recipe online that I wanted to follow. Of course, recipes are useless if you don’t have the right tool. Luckily for me, I have my Oster Mini Raclette Grill at home.

Oster Mini Raclette Grill 6

Oster Mini Raclette Grill 7

This Oster Mini Raclette Grill comes with a Non stick grill removable plate, 4 non-stick mini pans, an On/off switch with indicator light and Cool touch side handles. That’s it! It’s so simple to use, and that’s the reason why I love this kitchen tool.

Okay so for Chicken Fajitas, I only needed the following ingredients: Chicken breast strips, red and green bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic sauce (I found one in a bottle) and cheese that you can melt (and it doesn’t have to be raclette).

Oster Mini Raclette Grill 4

I cooked the chikcken breast strips on the griller and melted the cheese on the little pans that was included.

Oster Mini Raclette Grill 3

I placed all the ingredients inside the pita wrap and that was it.

Oster Mini Raclette Grill 2

This gave me the idea that this kind of dish will be perfect for a house party. I know a lot of people now who throw house parties. Probably I’m already a part of that era who would rather stay home. Here are some of the things that you need to prepare to throw an amazing house party!

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And in order for you to throw that perfect house party with Oster Mini Raclette Grill, we are giving you the chance to own one!

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If you are interested to buy one of these lovely Oster Mini Raclette Grills for your home, these are available in Anson’s, Landmark, Rustan’s and Coleman Stores. They are also available online at Lazada:

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