Are you a Connector?

I remember one of the first conversations that I had with Martine. It was during our walk in Ortigas after we did an ocular inspection of the venue for our very first workshop back in 2012. She mentioned that she thought that I was a connector. If any of you have read The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the different personality types: The Maven, The Salesmen and the Connector. His description for Connectors in the book is that these are the “people who link us up with the world, who bridge Omaha and Sharon, who introduce us to our social circles – these people on whom we rely on more heavily than we realize – are connectors, people with a very special gift of bringing people together.”

After reading about the two other personality types, I’d like to think that my friend was right. I think I am a Connector. I love helping people by connecting them with others who can help them achieve their goals. Come to think of it, this is much like the premise of why Manila Workshops was established. I love seeing that I was instrumental in creating solutions because I linked one person with another person. I love building relationships and helping people establish new relationships. Therefore, I love getting to know a lot of people. You’ll be amazed at how quickly I will meet up with you for coffee just to talk about random stuff (That sounds so kawawa… haha!)

Hey, I won’t deny that a lot of my success and the opportunities that I grabbed in my life was because of the people in my network who supported and presented these opportunities to me. That is why I find networking and mingling and talking to people very important if you want to become successful. Exposing yourself to communities, to groups and to new circles can widen your network and can very much help in achieving your goals.

Plus, for entrepreneurs, having a huge network can help you in your business. These people can give you insights that you can use for product development or innovation. A few may be potential investors or business partners. Most of them may even be your customers.

I actively look for ways to increase my circles. Therefore, if I haven’t met you personally yet, drop me a message in Facebook ( or on instagram (

How about you? Do you actively build your network? Are you a connector? I am challenging you to meet 50 new people this month! You can achieve this by joining this Speed Networking event on January 24!

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