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Mommy Ginger learns about Game Streaming

I found a new hobby! Once in a blue moon (or more often than that actually), I discover hobby, then I get really INTO IT. When I say I get into it, I become obsessed with it on a different level. LOL! Yes, I am that kind of person. Scary right?

I was just kidding. The word that I wanted to use was that I grow to love some things and I become passionate about it. A few of months back, I stumbled upon game streaming. Let me share with you first how we (hubby and I) got into this.

Separation of Work and Play

Like other people during quarantine, we shifted to a work from home arrangement for all our employees. As EJ and I work in the same company, live in the same house, and so happened to have a child together (again… kidding! Obviously we are married 😄), we found it initially difficult to draw the line between work and personal / family life. So we did what any geeky couple would do, we experimented.

We needed to find a way to turn off “work mode” when it was time for family and we needed to shift back when it was time for work. So we started with designating spaces in the home for work and spaces for family.

Game streaming room
Office Space at home
Our Daughter’s Study area and dining table

It helped a little but that didn’t stop little ol’ me from still talking about work in areas of the house where we shouldn’t. So that made me realize that I needed something that pre-occupies my brain, because I am that type of person who suddenly gets ideas on how to improve processes for work while in the middle of watching Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay Not to Be Okay or SNL. I needed to find a hobby that needed brain power.

This is the reason why I probably loved playing boardgames with friends on Friday nights prior to pandemic. I had to strategize. I admit… I’m pretty competitive. Gosh, I miss those days when we can just sit for hours while playing.

How I stumbled upon Game Streaming

But I digress. So going back, I tried playing Animal Crossing on Zeeka’s Nintendo Switch. And, I loved it! I would play it everyday. I would join groups and to this day, I am a member of several communities and Discord groups. EJ and I met great people there and they became friends — whom we never met in person and only interacted with online (yes, that is possible… haha! I say this to people who are skeptical about meeting friends online.)

We were so into it that we also created a Mystery Game on Animal Crossing called the Arbolandia Mystery Series:

Case 1: Arson in Arbolandia

Trrrutttt…. (my attempt to make a fast forward sound) fast forward to months after. I started Animal Crossing Island tour videos on YouTue. I started watching streamers and saw different games. Then stumbled upon a game called Phasmophobia (Shoutout to my friend Kat… follow her here: https://www.facebook.com/mayorakatstream) that got me interested. I told EJ about the game and we played it. We also tried to stream it! haha!

For those who don’t know, Phasmophobia is a deduction game where you find what type of ghost you are dealing with and try to achieve certain objectives. Players are professional ghost hunters looking for contracts. You can play solo (solo runs) or you can look for teammates (again friends or people who you have never met).

Check out our first attempt to figure out how this game works:

EJ and I loved it and we started streaming regularly. We go live and stream on weekdays at 7:30PM (GMT +8) and longer times on weekends (usually after 12:00 noon (GMT +8).

We just love it. I had to say that again. We’ve met amazing people and streamers like Von https://www.facebook.com/Dsector123, Psyver, Shredz https://www.facebook.com/ShredzPH, Epic Delta (https://www.facebook.com/EPIC.DELTA.EP) and other gamers from the Philippines, MandyMermaid from Glasgow, Spinal (https://www.facebook.com/gaming/spinalgaming138/), SoreFeet (https://www.facebook.com/SoreFeetLive/videos/225912582461858), Bytes (https://www.facebook.com/BytesGigGaming) and other people!

What I plan to do!

So, you will be seeing a lot of gameplay videos from me. If you haven’t followed my steam yet, please click on FOLLOW on this page https://www.facebook.com/teamarbo/ (switching from Mommy Ginger) I am also on Twitch (I just started so please do send some love my following me: https://www.twitch.tv/teamarbogaming and on Youtube.com.

I plan to keep on streaming, and it’s for us. It keeps us sane during these times. It’s ironic that a horror game can give us that.

I also plan to study how game streaming works in terms of monetizing the channel. That’s interesting for me. I also plan to build my own PC this year! I’ll see if I can do it by myself.

So stay tuned for more learnings on this blog. I will definitely share what I discover and uncover when it comes to monetizing this.

If you are earning from game streaming, feel free to drop tips below! 🙂 And to those who want to learn how to earn from playing games, stay tuned for more content.

Have a great day and see you in one of our sessions!