Unbreakable… It’s a Miracle

I had my own full dose of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yesterday. I wanted something to watch to cheer me up.

Today’s topic is actually about challenges in Business. Yesterday, I felt so bad about something that I did or rather, I failed to do, for one of my businesses. I really thought I did something, but it turns out, I missed doing it, which made me feel so so bad and sad for my team.

But with that challenge, I learned a lot of lessons, which I know will help others, too, who are going through the same thing:

1. It’s okay to feel bad and just let it out. It’s okay to cry about it. It doesn’t make you weak. It just makes you human.

2. Surrounding yourself with “good vibes” is key. You will feel tremendous weight on your shoulders (I felt I couldn’t breathe yesterday), but look for positivity. It was a good thing my meetings yesterday were with inspiring and energetic people!

3. If something for work important to you, check and double check your work. Even if it’s not your own task, check up on it yourself. Because of my experience, I spent the day yesterday checking up on each person in my company. Haha!

4. Missing one detail or failing to do one task, doesn’t make you incompetent. Leaders, too, must know how to deal with people who commit errors. If one fails to do something or lapses on something, taking responsibilities away from that individual, just makes it all worse. It just makes the person demotivated and they’re left feeling incapable.

5. Teamwork is very important. I told my team yesterday that no matter who makes a mistake, we need to stick up for one another and not bring them down. In times of failure, we need to be more sensitive to people who failed to complete a task, especially if it was an honest mistake.

6. In times of challenges like this, you will definitely know who your real friends are. They will not judge you and will help you move on.

7. Realize that it’s just work. The bigger picture is that you keep strong relationships with your co-workers, stakeholders, key partners and your employees. Again, as I always say, business is about managing relationships.

8. Tomorrow is another day. Be unbreakable, like Kimmy Schimdt. It will be a new day.

So, these are the things that I learned yesterday. Today is a new day and I’m excited for it! Let’s go for our dreams! Every day is a miracle!