Tax — Key Things to Know if You are a Mompreneur!

My friend and I were discussing the other day during the mompreneur meet up sponsored by Mommy Mundo about our accountants and what they do for us. Although, I did the legwork in registering my business and although I’m good with numbers and I like manipulating numbers for projections, I can’t seem to do the filing of my quarterly income tax. I do the filing of my monthly percentage tax, but not the quarterly reports and my book keeping. My accountant (who is a freelancer by the way from does all that for me. But when my friend, Mariel, mentioned that I could actually do even the quarterly reporting, I was inspired to learn more about how to do it.
Book keeping though will never be done by me. I want to understand how they fill out the journals and ledgers, but I think I would want to do it myself.

For some reading this, they might say, what the hell is she talking about?! I was like that before, allergic to the terms, names of forms, etc. There are so many forms to know about especially when you’re paying taxes in the Philippines, 0605, 2551, 1701, 1702, etc. What are all these numbers? What are all these forms?

Well, to help out mompreneurs (especially, but this is open to all entrepreneurs), Manila Workshops has created a series of Tax and Accounting workshops to help all of you understand taxes and accounting.

Tax and Accounting Classes

Tax and Accounting Classes

It’s a course where you can take all three classes (which will be really beneficial for you at Php 3000 for all three classes or you can choose to take two courses at Php 2500 or 1 at Php 1500. I highly suggest though that you take at least the second one if you really want to learn about taxation and paying the right taxes here in the Philippines.

Project 39 Accounting and Tax Poster_about the courses

As a momprenuer, even if we are just a sole proprietor or even if we just want to learn in the hopes of really doing our taxes by ourselves in the future, it’s always nice to have someone help us. We can’t all be superwomen and the world understands that. We can be everything to everyone and our business will not grow if we just have ‘ourselves’ to rely on. We need other people to help us like accountants, etc. Even if we have people who are willing to help us, we still need to know our business’ ins-and-outs.

So, with this, I hope to see all of you there and after this, I would like to hear that you’ve finally understood taxes and accounting!

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