How to Show People that you Value Them

I forgot to great you all a Happy Easter! It was a long day for me yesterday. I didn’t get to sleep the other night. I just slept a total of 2 hours, so last night, obviously, my body gave up on me. This is not an excuse, but we should show people that you value them more often. This is what I want to share with you today. Before anything else, check out how cute my little darling was yesterday.

Hawaiian Little Cutie

I didn’t even remember kissing my daughter good night last night. I think I did though.

Who invented kisses and hugs? It’s just so amazing that by doing just these two simple things, you can change the world of someone else. By doing just these two things, you need not say anything else; it just says a lot already on how you feel about the person.

I think in this world, where we are constantly busy and constantly striving to make ends meet, we forget to show people how much they mean to us. I know, because I, too have been guilty of such a thing. It seems pitiful that I’m coming up with a list of things to show people that you value them (haha!), but really, we all need a little reminder once in a while. Here are the things in my list:

#1 – Say good morning and good night
I remember a thing that someone said about making sure that you no matter how busy your are, make sure that as parents, try to be the ones to send off and pick up your kids from school. It makes their day better. So this is also something that we can do for the person you care for. Try to say good morning, right after you wake up and try to say good night, just before sleeping. It really can make their day!

#2 – Try to celebrate with them and be present for special occasions
Yup,¬†show people that you value them on their birthdays especially. I’m not a Valentine’s kind of a girl, neither a Holidays type of a person, but I enjoy and love these times, too, but I do love birthdays. I think we all should and we all do, even if we don’t admit it. It’s that one day in the year that you can be selfish and do whatever you want to do. By spending it with someone you love, even if it’s the day before your birthday with birthday salubongs and all, it just shows these people, your family and friends, how much you value them.

#3 – Do random and unexpected little nice things for them during the day that make them smile
Leave little post its with loving notes for them to see in different places, like in a book, or inside their wallet. Message them sweet and little things that show them how much they mean to you. Make them the first one you call when you receive both good news and bad news. This is what people don’t often get. It’s the little things that matter. People don’t expect that you’ll make grand gestures for them, but little stuff count.

#4 – Initiate and don’t wait

We often just wait for our husbands or boyfriends to take us out on dates. We often wait for our children to hug us, before we hug them back. Don’t wait for the perfect or the last moment before you show the person you love how much you value them. There is no such things as the perfect time. Personally, timing’s not an issue. Don’t be the person who regrets not doing things that you have wanted to do with the person you value or don’t put on hold things that you wanted to say, but was scared to say it because timing was off. Don’t wait to show people that you value them.

#5 –¬†Respect their decisions and Listen

We are different people with different personalities, beliefs, desires and opinions. To show other people we value them, we need to respect their decisions. If we don’t agree with them, it’s okay. Listen to what they have to say. Don’t shut them off too quickly. Then, if you still think that you have a point, reason out with them. Try to reach a compromise, but if that doesn’t happen, just accept the fact that you won’t agree on some things, and just respect their decision.

#6 – Make time for them.

No matter how busy you are or no matter how groundbreaking your and revolutionary your job, career or business it, make time for the people you value.

It is really a fast paced world, and there seems as if there was too little of a time to do all the things that you need and love doing. Show people that you value them. Never delay or postpone things that would make the people you value feel special though, or it may be too late.