Social Media Trends that You can Experiment on

Have you seen new social media trends?

Social Media Trends

I hope that you watched my interview with Melissa Profeta on my Facebook Page. If you haven’t seen my latest video, please do spend time and watch this.

Since we have already discussed at least the basics of Social Media and how to use the different platforms, I thought it best to share with you some of the trends that I see.

These trends are based on what I personally see and what I have experienced for my businesses.

Go for a more Niche approach!

With the pandemic, this is the time to monitor and measure marketing spending more than ever. And mind you, this is not so that we can lessen the budget for marketing, but to optimize our spending.

You’ll notice that the same kinds of buyers flock together in different platforms. I tend to always be on either Instagram or Facebook, because I love seeing webinars, live sessions and products and services that enterprising business and brands come up with. My daughter, on the other hand, loves watching videos of games, so she’s always on Youtube.

If you’re selling to a specific market, observe where they “flock” together.

The Rise of Social Commerce

If you are selling products on Lazada, Shopee or other platforms, these comapanies have started injecting features where the seller or brand ambassadors can sell products or feature products.

Inversely, I think more features to directly sell on social networking sites will be available. This will help sellers track strategies from reach and impressions to really measuring conversions and sales.

Video content will be King!

With people putting safety above everything else, a lot of people will still want to stay at home. An in staying at home, we all miss the interaction that we get when we go to malls, check out books at the bookstore, have dinner with friends or even just getting services done outside — like a simple haircut or nails done.

With this, one of the social media trends that I see (and it has been here for quite some time now!) that will continue is video marketing. The form of content that we will most likely attract our attention will be those that use more than just the sense of sight. If we can convey emotions via sounds and clips, people will appreciate that more. This is why video will still be the main form of content in the coming months

Influencer Marketing will still be an Option for Businesses

Trust is an important part of our lives and it takes a while for brands to earn the trust of people. Influencers have been earning the trust of its followers for years now, and so people believe what ever it is that they recommend.

I recently discussed influencer marketing with my friends, Trixie and Fran. If you haven’t watched the video, here it is:

To add to this video, I’d like to share some tips on how to choose influencers for your brands:

  1. Look for influencers that have the same values as your brand. Values last so you know that even if a potential customer sees an ad or a post years from now, that influencer will always be a good ambassador of your brand.
  2. All of us are content creators and influencers at this day and age. What varies is the circle of influence that we have. A strategy that i’m seeing from brands is that they get a lot of influencers so that they generate a lot of content to reach a lot of people. It’s true that this makes sense, but avoid getting influencers who have the same circle of influence. You might be wasting money if you do this.
  3. Related to tip #2, try as much as possible to track and measure your return on Ad Spending. As I run my own company, the metrics that matter is conversion, and not even engagement. It’s best to measure your Return on Ad Spending, Cost per lead, Customer Acquisition Cost, Lifetime Value, etc.
  4. Work with your chosen Influencers! You’re in this together. Share your brand’s and company’s objectives. Don’t just share it with the PR person or your agency. I’m sure your influencers will have a lot of great suggestions as well.

Let me know if you have observed other new social media trends, too! Let me know in the comments section below.

Stay safe!

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Vlogging 101 for Kids 101

Vlogging seems to be an “in” thing now. I can’t believe that there is this kid who earns 26 Billion US Dollars since he started way back in 2015. He earns 22 Million Dollars in 12 months. Read the full article here.

I’m sure that this is the dream of every child, because of the unlimited toys that he/she would receive. It would also be the dream of every parent since this kid is set for life!

You need not look far as we have a lot of moms and kids who vlog in the Philippines. I interviewed some mom and kid vloggers two years ago, and it was already something that was being enjoyed by a few parents with their kids:

Personally, my daughter and I have been enjoying vlogging. Even if our main intent is to record our precious moments with each other and not really as something that we can earn from, we’d love to know how to become better at it!

So this summer of 2019, Manila Workshops is bringing you one of its Manila Workshops Originals which is its Vlogging 101 for Kids. The speakers for this workshop are the sweet couple Omni & Bryce of #TheClingyFam.

In this session, kids and parents will learn how to turn their moments into wonderful vlogs! The course covers the following highlights:

  • Doing it right the first time.
  • The right mindset, purpose, and equipment that can help kickstart your vlogging career.
  • Youtube Basics: On Branding
  • How to properly present yourself and make your vlog standout
  • Youtube Basics : Setting Your Channel Up
  • Creating your channel art and other items needed to attract more viewers
  • Youtube Basics : Building your content
  • Crafting your content plan
  • Monetization
  • Turning your passion into profit through the different ways of monetizing your content

What I like about this workshop is that it can also be a bonding activity for parents and their kids!

For those who want to learn more about the speakers, here is the profile of Omni and Bryce.

Omni and Bryce Larrosa is the couple behind the fun and quirky family vlog dubbed as Omni & Bryce or #TheClingyFam. They started their channel in March 2017 with the aim to capture their children’s milestones on video. Little did they know that people are looking forward to relevant family content and they realized this when their channel reached 3000 subscribers in just 4 months after launch and receiving thousands of heart-warming and encouraging comments from Filipinos all over the world. Since then, their passion to inspire more people that having a happy family life is possible by sharing their story grew bigger day after day.

Their story was also noticed and featured on different TV shows such as Social TV’s FamBam ABS-CBN’s Tapatan ni Tunying and GMA’s Reel Time reaching an even wider audience both on traditional and digital entertainment channels. Today, Omni and Bryce has garnered over a million watch minutes with over 400,000 watch views and more than 6,500 subscribers and counting in just less than 2 years of existence, making them one of the country’s fastest rising family vlogs. They are also trusted by over 30 companies to execute branded content for their brands including Babyzen, Foldaway, Ergobaby, Baby Dove Cheez Whiz, Eden, The Araneta Center, and many many others that cater to moms, dads or families in general.

So are you coming to join me for this workshop? For those who want to sign up, here are the details of the Vlogging 101 for Kids Workshop:

1st Run:
Date: April 27, 2019
Time: 9AM – 4PM
Venue: Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

2nd Run:
Date: June 22, 2019
Time: 9AM – 4PM
Venue: Toy Kingdom, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

Early Bird Rate: Php 3,995.00 (Adult + Kid)
Early Bird Group Rate: Php 5,495.00 (Group of 3)
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Group Rate: Php 6,995.00 (Dad + Mom + Kid)

Workshop Fee is inclusive of handouts, certificates, giveaways and snacks!

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