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It is so hot these days! This morning, I took a taxi to go to a coffee shop that was just few blocks away. I could have walked, but I didn’t want to feel icky for that meeting. I avoid going out of the house to go to banks, meetings, etc. I miss those days when I was still working when you could just ask “manong” or service staff to run errands for you. But of course, since my business can’t afforf to hire anyone to do those errands, little ol’ me needs to do these things personally.

I was just thinking about this dilemma this morning and then viola! Just like a message from heaven, vOffice emails me to tell me of this service where you can actually have your very own courier service, and it’s called vRush. This service is being offered to vOffice Philippines clients as an extra service within vOffice. It is also being offered to non-clients already.

For more details, this brochure can give you more information on vRush!

vRush from vOffice


I love all the perks and the additional services that the vOffice team comes up with to make our lives as entrepreneurs and business owners better and more convenient. If you are not yet a member, sign up using the link on this page (http://voffice.com.ph/jumpstart-gingerarboleda/) and get an additional 2 months (valued at Php 7,840) when you signup for any Virtual Office plan today.

vOffice New Affordable Meeting Room Plans

Good afternoon, my dear readers! I’ve been so busy last week, not with work though but with Halloween parties. My daughter had three parties that she went to so we had to create three different outfits for her (but this is another story). So this week, I am bombarded with a lot of this that I need to do and accomplish. I would think that since it’s towards the end of the year, work would pretty much decrease for us, but it’s so weird that the amount of work and meetings are still at the same number. Apparently, people still hold meetings during the months of November and December. In the other start-up company that I am a part of, we have an investors presentation tomorrow (so that our investors are on board with all the things that are happening). Anyway this is just a short post as I have a lot of things to do this afternoon. I wanted to share with you this great news from vOffice, because I think this couldn’t wait. I know a lot of you still have meetings to hold (like us) for the months ahead.

As you all know, vOffice Philippines offers virtual office plans that you can choose from. I wrote about it here:
vOffice Philippines

But for those who need meeting rooms more, viola! VOffice came up with affordable plans that you can check out!

vOffice Meeting Plans

I tell you, their meeting rooms are superb and very complete! They have projectors that you can borrow. They even have sound systems that you can use if it’s a meeting with a big group.

Their facilities include:
– Ergonomic Meeting room table and chairs
– Wired and wireless internet
– Unlimited light snacks, premium filtered coffee, green tea mineral water
– Use of projector, smart tv, and skype conference.

These vOffice Meeting Room Plans are just perfect. If you are interested to avail of these meeting room plans, do contact vOffice Philippines at cs@voffice.com.ph or call them at 02-2242 000. Please tell them that you found out about this service through Mommy Ginger!

Hope these helps entrepreneurs, companies and work at home individuals! Have a great day, loves!

PS: Get one month FREE Membership when you tell vOffice that Mommy Ginger (Ginger Arboleda) referred you 🙂

vOffice Philippines: Have your Own Office at BGC

As a work-at-home-mom or dad or single, sometimes, it’s just nice to have your own workplace out of your home. It’s so funny that during the time I was working in an office, I would wish to go home so that i could work without distractions (to avoid meetings). Now that I work from home, I want to look for a place that I could call my own office. I know that I really opted to work from home so that I could be with my daughter. But sometimes, you have to realize that you need some “me” time, too, or at least time to catch up on deadlines!

There’s this work concept that emerged a few years ago. It’s called co-working. Co-working is basically paying for shared space for your business. You could think of it as the co-working company subletting the space to various small businesses. Why do they do this? It’s to help ease the burden of paying capital or operating expenses.

Conference Room 2

Various coworking spaces have sprouted in the Philippines. I signed recently signed up with vOffice Philippines. vOffice has 25 locations in Asia. They have 3 locations in the Philippines and 2 of them are in Bonifacio Global City (which I love) since it’s near my home.

These are the pictures of their office at One Global Place at Bonifacio Global City (across Mini-Cooper showroom; building has a UnionBank branch at the Ground Floor).

Conference Room

The Conference Area

Office Pantry-2

The Pantry

Waiting Area (1)

Seats on the left are seats that you can use anytime to meet with people. The room on the right is the conference room which you can book. That other room to the left of the conference room are private spaces that you can rent out per month for your own company.

EntranceThat meeting room with the blue door is where I took this photo…

Some Me-time!

Some Me-time!

The VOffice Philippines locations are really very impressive! What i like about it too is that they have 4 AFFORDABLE PACKAGES that entrepreneurs and small businesses can choose from. They have the silver, gold, gold plus and platinum packages for their Virtual Office Plans.

The Silver Package is at Php 1200 per month, Gold is at Php 2640 per month, Gold+ is at Php 2880 per month and Platinum is at Php 3320 per month for their Mavenue Building – Penthouse Level location (7844 Makati Avenue, Makati). For the locations at Bonifacio Global City, the rate are: Silver Package is at Php 1400 per month, Gold is at Php 2960 per month, Gold+ is at Php 3200 per month and Platinum is at Php 3600 per month. Still not bad, right?

Screenshot from the vOffice Philippines Website

Screenshot from the vOffice Philippines Website


I’ve been to other virtual offices and co-working spaces and what I love about vOffice is that:

– They are located in places where it’s easy for your guests to find. If you plan to meet with business partners and prospects, you won’t have a hard time telling them where the location is.

– The buildingswhere vOffice are located are very safe and secure. In both places in BGC, the reception area of the building requires you to present your id when entering the building. Since this will be my office, obviously, I want where I work to be a safe place.

– When you enter vOffice, you are always warmly greeted by the receptionist.

– Whenever you book meetings in the conference room or the meeting room, the staff always offers if you want coffee. Coffee is also free flowing! You need not spend money for coffee every time you have meetings.

– They can handle your calls and messages are forwarded to you. I have yet to try this service but my friend who is also a member tells me that he enjoys this service.

– They have Wifi!

Entrepreneurs, like moi, will love a place like this. Honestly, they have one of the most affordable packages that I have seen plus they are in a really, really good location.

For inquiries, just visit their site by clicking on the banner below! Let me know if you’ve already joined, so that we can have a “working day meet up” at vOffice Philippines.

PS: Get two months FREE Membership when you tell vOffice that Mommy Ginger (Ginger Arboleda) referred you 🙂 Click on the banner below to get the FREE  MONTHS!