vRush from VOffice

It is so hot these days! This morning, I took a taxi to go to a coffee shop that was just few blocks away. I could have walked, but I didn’t want to feel icky for that meeting. I avoid going out of the house to go to banks, meetings, etc. I miss those days when I was still working when you could just ask “manong” or service staff to run errands for you. But of course, since my business can’t afforf to hire anyone to do those errands, little ol’ me needs to do these things personally.

I was just thinking about this dilemma this morning and then viola! Just like a message from heaven, vOffice emails me to tell me of this service where you can actually have your very own courier service, and it’s called vRush. This service is being¬†offered to vOffice Philippines clients as an extra service within vOffice. It is also being offered to non-clients already.

For more details, this brochure can give you more information on vRush!

vRush from vOffice


I love all the perks and the additional services that the vOffice team comes up with to make our lives as entrepreneurs and business owners better and more convenient. If you are not yet a member, sign up using the link on this page (http://voffice.com.ph/jumpstart-gingerarboleda/) and get an additional 2 months (valued at Php 7,840) when you signup for any Virtual Office plan today.