5 Ways to Teach Your Kids about Proper Nutrition

Sometimes, kids can be picky and moody especially when it comes to eating. Oftentimes, I get frustrated with my daughter when she doesn’t want to eat. I know a lot of moms feel the same way. I was brought up in a family that ate healthy, so when I was pregnant, I vowed to myself that I would teach my kid to eat healthy, too. I never imagined that it could be this hard! Haha!

As parents, we do know how important eating healthy food is in stabilizing children’s energy, sharpening their minds and managing their moods. Some TV commercials and peer pressure can make getting our kids to eat well seem unimaginable because of all those delicious and tempting treats. Don’t worry! There are steps parents can take into account to impart healthy eating habits without turning mealtimes into warzones!

For tips on proper nutrition, I have turned to the women whom I trust the most for advice. These are the ladies who form my own circle of trust. I trust these women because we have a common belief that we should always choose brands that we trust and those that keep our family healthy and safe.

Eat vegetables!

Eat vegetables!

Make nutritious snacks and safe water available always. Always keep a lot of whole grain snacks, fruits, vegetables and a bottle of Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water around, so whenever they are hungry or thirsty, your kids can just reach for it. Let your kids have easy access to these foods so they’d become used to reaching for healthy snacks instead of empty calorie snacks like cookies, chips and junk food. Also, I choose to have Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water around to prevent dehydration, especially for kids who love moving around. I trust this brand of water because it is safe and clean.  Getting sick, nowadays, is very costly so choosing to go with a brand that you know won’t harm your family is very important.

Have Regular Family meals!

Have Regular Family meals!

Always have regular family meals. For children, there is comfort in knowing that dinner is served at just about the same time every night. I have heard from mom friends that children who undergo the same ‘meal time’ routine are more relaxed while eating and they get to eat a whole lot more. We would try to have a little game where all of us scoop and chew at the same time! Another great time for a family meal is breakfast. I have observed and have read that kids who eat breakfast tend to perform better in school activities. My daughter seems more “in the mood” when she eats before going to school.

Cook more meals and encourage them to always eat at home. Eating home cooked meals is way healthier for the entire family as you know what goes into the food that you eat. Most restaurant meals (I’m not saying all) tend to have more sugar, salt and fat. I am so happy though that there are specialty food stores now that serve amazing salads and healthy stuff.

Always get your kids involved. We can’t deny the fact that kids enjoy helping adults in shopping for groceries, selecting what goes inside their lunchbox and preparing meals. It is also a chance for parents to teach them about the nutritional content of different kinds of foods and to teach them how to properly read food labels.

Always limit portion sizes. Never insist on letting your child finish the food that’s on their plate. Sometimes, we, as parents, think that we know the perfect amount of food that they need. If they say that they are full, try to ask them again if they are done eating. If they say that they’re done, remove the plate. We have trained our daughter to do this so we know when she’s full because she says I’m done. We also know when she’s hungry because she says so.  Also, do not use food as a bribe or reward. Let them eat the needed amount of food they need for each particular meal.

Children can be picky eaters at some point in their lives. Hence, it is a challenge for parents to look for creative and subtle ways on how to encourage their kids to eat healthy. Sometimes making mealtimes playful can mean healthier eating for your kids. Just be patient! Relax and be happy — this will help your kids grow healthier and happier!

For more of my personal tips, please do join me in a conversation over at the Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water Facebook Page. If you have more tips on how to keep your sanity when it comes to making your children eat healthy, let alone eat (period), let me know! I’m sure the whole #WilkinsCircleofTrust community will want to know your tricks, too! Feel free to leave a comment below. Hugs to you all, patient mommas!