Are We All Passionate People?

Let’s talk about passion. And, i’m not talking about just the passion related to romance, but passion for anything else. Passion is that uncontrollable feeling or desire for something. Reality though is that not everyone has discovered their own passion or passions. During a learning session for my workshop directors in my company, they had to interview random people. One of their insights was this: 50% of the people that they interviewed didn’t have any “passion”. This may be have been discovered already by a lot of people, brands, etc., because of the evident messages that are seen in ads for us to all discover our passion. The world is constantly pushing us to act on it.

These are my thoughts on passion. Aside from the thoughts that I have shared, here are some other things that I personally think about this topic.

I believe that we are all passionate people and we all have something that we are passionate about. It’s just a matter of discovering it. And finding your passion is not something that you should pressure yourself to look for and find. When I mentioned in the video that you will eventually know if you have found it, it will be through different experiences that you have gone through. I believe that with each experience, you unravel and learn something about yourself that will lead you to that passion.

I also think that your passion or passions (yes, you can have more than 1) will evolve. And when it evolves, don’t panic or don’t feel guilty or weird about it. Through time, you become a different person or evolve, also, so as your grow, your passion may “evolve” with you.

Now when you start a business, is passion enough? I wrote something about this five years ago. You can read it here:

To end this post on passion and on finding one’s passion, i’d like to say that we are all passionate people. Don’t be to hung up on not finding your passion, though. Don’t stress yourself out. The simple thing to do is to gain new experiences, meet new people and have fun learning about the world. With all these new experiences and with you gaining new knowledge about different things, I am pretty sure that you will find it sooner than later!

Have a happy journey!

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