Work-at-Home-Expo 2015: 3 More Days To Go!

My site is up and running again. Super kakainis lang that it was down for two day. I was so stressed! I’m sure that most of you can relate to this feeling. If you’re a work at hom-ie, we get stressed over things like this — problems with hosting, losing internet connection or if the connection is super slow, getting locked out from our own site (haha! this happens to me!), etc. All of these impedes our growth as a work-at-homie (so serious!). Anyway, it’s time to set aside all your worries for just one day and party with us on Saturday! Just kidding… it isn’t a party! 😀

I’m not sure if you hear the happiness and excitement in my voice, but I am super duper excited for this Saturday! Who wouldn’t be right? Check out the roster of speakers and I will describe WHY we got them to talk rather than talk about their topics (because you can already read it here:

Joe Maristela – I met Joe just recently through Lyle, one of the speakers,  and he is now one of my clients for Manila Workshops. I was really impressed with what he wanted for the Philippines. This guys has a really good heart and his passion to help start-ups in the Philippines was what impressed me!

Speaker Teaser - Joe Maristela

Marilen Montenegro – I met this lovely lady in the MakeitBlissful event last year, but we really became close after bonding during an event this year. Marilen is the type of person whose loveliness just shines through, if you know what I mean. She’s exceptionally pretty (haha! admire admire!), and I think that it’s because she is also very beautiful on the inside.

Speaker Teaser - Marilen Montenegro v2

Anna Meloto – Wilk – I haven’t really met her personally, but just like some of your, I am actually excited to meet her on Saturday. I am all for Social Entrepreneurship and making a huge impact in society and Anna is just one hell of an inspiration!

WAHE - Anna Meloto Wilk

Teresa Dumadag – Teresa has been a good friend and she is definitely one of the people that I think has got it all figured out! When it comes to raising kids, writing, etc., she’s just one of those moms that you can actually ask for advice from.

Speaker Teaser - Teresa Dumadag

Monica Manzano – I haven’t met Monica yet, but I am looking forward to meeting her, especially because of the fact that she love yoga. I think, each entrepreneur will have those moments when you need to stay grounded and become more focused. I think here talk will help us a lot in this aspect.

Speaker Teaser - Monica Manzano

Don-don Crisostomo, RFP – I admire young people who know how to save and grow their money. I am looking forward to listening to Don-don’s talk as he shares tips on how to handling your finances as a work at homie!

Speaker Teaser - Don-don

Lyle Jover – One of the best ‘guy’ friends that I have in this industry (I can hear him chuckling at this!) Don’t let his stoic look fool you. This guy knows a lot of things about working from home, and I know this since I normally bounce off ideas with him every so often. You will definitely learn a lot from this guys and will be inspired with the passion that he has for his business.

Speaker Teaser - Lyle Jover

Tippy and Anthony Pelayo – The power couple! I heard these two speak during a Nuffnang event and I was amazed with the amount of work and effort that they put into When you hear their story about how they went global and how they found audiences and a customer base outside the country, you might rethink how you do things with your business.

Speaker Teaser - Anthony and Tippy

And last but not least, Martine De Luna and Frances Sales – These ladies are simply wonderful! These ladies have become two of my friends whom I trust and love dearly. I love the fact that I learn from these two everyday about life, love, marriage, blogging, fashion, etc. — anything under the sun! My sincere wish for everyone is to that you may find these kinds of people in your life to help and support you in your work-at-home journey!



The event on Saturday is not just a conference for me, it is a place where you will meet friends and people who will guide and help you in your work-at-home journet. If you are seeking for inspiration, this is where you will find it. If you are seeking for technical knowledge, this is where you will find it!

Thank you to all our sponsors for making this event possible! See you there everyone! Sign up now at


A Big THANK YOU! – Work-at-Home Weekend Expo 2014 (Promo)!

It has been two weeks since we had the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo and honestly, I’m still giddy, delighted and deeply grateful that we had almost 300 attendees for our event. I hope that those who attended and especially those who attended the talks learned something forms our very brilliant speakers. Thank you to our beloved co-sponsors, Unilab, Insular Life, Uber, 88DB and vOffice Philippines for supporting the event.

5EDITED WAHWeekend Expo_Poster

Thank you also to our major sponsors: Hungry Juan, Manila Water, Mega Creations, Hotel Quickly, Stabilo, Photomark Lightworks, Xend and The Great Leap Academy.

Thank you to our minor sponsors, Vally Farm, Thumbtack, Thank you also to Habitat for Humanity, and for supporting us. Thank you to our media partners and Creatif.

Thank you to the wonderful speakers that we had, Jeff Cua, Marge Aberasturi, Mariel Uyquiengco, Tina Rodriguez, Grace Nicolas, Fitz Villafuerte, Dandy Victa, Bam Besa, Jennyfer Ang – Tan, Kimberley Timbol- Reyes, Joy Gurtiza and Lourdes Labii.

WAH Expo 2014 2



WAH Expo 2014 3

WAH Expo 2014 4

WAH Expo 2014 5

WAH Expo 2014 6

We hope that you enjoyed this year’s conference and we promise to give you a bigger and better work-at-home weekend expo next year! Watch out for post event promos and contests that we will have for those who have supported us this year.

Mega Sardines

For the first promo, our brand sponsor, Mega Sardines is giving away 6 sets of the following:
– Mega Sardines Products
– Apron
– Chopping board
– Kitchen utensil

The promo will run until November 30, 2014. We will announce the winners on Dec. 1. This promo is open to those who live in Metro Manila. We will ship the prizes to you. For you to join, please follow the steps in the rafflecopter widget below.

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Good luck and we hope that you can join the other events of Manila Workshops!

The Work-at-Home Me!

I remember the time when I was contemplating about leaving the job that I had. I was (how I felt) at the height of my career. I knew that I could have really been one of the top executives of the company that I worked for. My job was easy to love. Even if it was in a financial institution, my job was really product management and product development. I loved it because I got to practice and use my strengths, which was marketing and to some extent, sales. I also have this innate passion for innovation and a love for learning about technology which made my job easy for me. The work environment also helped me love every single day. I had friends who I loved dearly, a very supportive boss and people from other departments who were easy to work with. So you see, everything was going great for me.

I know a lot of you have that little voice inside your head telling you that you need to start your own business and you need to take that leap. But also, you are in the same situation as I was in — good job, great friends, great life! Well, although my personal advocacy is to help people create and build successful businesses, I would not jump the gun and tell you to go ahead and make that leap! On the contrary, I will advise you to check if going into business is really something for you. The same goes with working from home or freelancing. You have to check if freelancing or working-from-home in general is for you.

I won’t tell you how great my life is when I decided to work-at-home and be an entrepreneur (since I freely and openly share that in other posts in this blog), but I will tell you how I came to that decision of finally working from home and starting my business.

My decision was such because it was really because I wanted to spend more time for myself (I didn’t want to be stressed, since I was giving birth) and more time for the baby. Yes, we, as a couple went through those logical things that you do when you’re weighing things, like listing the pros and cons in each side of a notebook, doing a spur of the moment budget and spending analysis, doing an immediate check and inventory of assets and liabilities, but then again, the decision was made really because I wanted to be there for my daughter during the first years of her life.

And how was it like for me? It was really scary at first. I didn’t know if this business ( would fly. I had businesses prior to this one, but of course, at that time, I had my stable job to help me sustain those businesses. But with this leap, I had nothing. I only had my blogging career, which I didn’t think I could rely on to sustain my expenses and the business (knock-on-wood if it went bad).

What really helped me establish and help my business succeed is the support group of work-at-home-moms in the WAHMderful Life Community. I owe a lot to the ladies in the community. They were there supporting the workshops, for moral support and for marketing support. I love how the WAHMderful Life Community has grown and had really become the support group for women who have decided to take that leap towards working-at-home.

Before you make that decision, think about it and expose yourself and hear from the ladies and gentlemen who have made that decision. See if this is what you want for yourself. See if this is the life that you want.

This is the reason why we created the Workat-Home Weekend Expo. This is for you to be able to learn from the experts. And I’m not just talking about technical know-how, but I want you to learn from what they have gone through. I want you to be open and I want you to mingle with these speakers and freely approach them. I will be there, too, so I want you to approach me and let’s talk. I might be busy in setting up the event, but I’m sure I will have the time to talk to you and listen.

If you haven’t signed up for the Work-at-Home Weekend Expo, please do so at this link:

5EDITED WAHWeekend Expo_Poster

Thank your to these companies who have supported this workshop as co-presentors:
Insular Life

Love lots,
The Work-at-Home Me (MommyGinger)

Work-at-home me!

The Work-at-home me!