Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO GO

Let’s join Wonder Woman in the 80s!

Wonder Woman 1984

I’m actually a Marvel Cinematic Universe Fan but there are some DC Comics based movies that I enjoy, too. One of the characters that I love is Wonder Woman. I loved Wonder Woman – Rise of the Warrior. This is why I’m excited to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Go. This movie that’s directed by Patty Jenkins and starring that gorgeous Gal Gadot will premiere exclusively in the Philippines from 21 April on HBO GO. I’m excited that the setting is in the 80s, the era of my childhood.

So to prepare for this premiere, Zeeka and I built the Wonder Woman™ vs Cheetah Lego set while I wore my Wonder Woman 1984 shirt!

Wonder Woman 1984

Speaking of mood and ambiance, the filmmakers turned to their trusted superpowered creative teams led by director of photography Matthew Jensen, production designer Aline Bonetto, costume designer Lindy Hemming, and composer Hans Zimmer. From colors, costumes, to creating a mall straight out of the 80’s, discover the monumental efforts it took to bring the 80’s back to life.

The setting of America 1984 in all glitz and glamour and with people having that “have it all” mentality that inevitably leads to wanting even more. For Jenkins, the setting was a personal as well as professional choice. “The initial idea of setting the story in 1984 came from my desire to see Wonder Woman in my era, an era that to me is synonymous with her, in terms of the character’s cultural popularity.”

Something to watch out for aside from the movie’s physical setting, the music is superb. It really goes with and further enhances and captures the spirit of the 80s. Considered as one of the more memorable music-centric decades in history, Jenkins had a very specific approach to the film’s music. To evoke a score that touched on the sounds from that decade, she turned to legendary film composer Hans Zimmer.

Zimmer, known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to being experimental, says his one great innovation for this film is truth. “Real musicians playing real instruments and embracing the music, adding that sense of humanity. Like Wonder Woman: honest, truthful and honorable.”

Throughout the film, Diana remains resolved in her faith in mankind, and in her unrelenting pursuit of justice. But it is that underlying theme of the film, truth—her truth—that will define whether she can become the warrior the world needs, and a hero for everyone.

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