Your Food Deserves Better

I’ve been focusing on being a role model for Zeeka these past few days when it comes to eating healthy. I’m not much of a sweet tooth, but I love chips — those salty treat are addicting! I’m trying limit my snacking on chips to the weekends. I’m not a parent who’s really strict in what my daughter eats, but I make sure that healthier food are more available to her.

Oh, for those who are interested on tips on making your kids eat healthy, here is an animation short that you’ll enjoy!

It just hit me that if we want our kids to eat healthier, maybe, we need to highlight or make eating healthier more interesting. We need to take it to the next level and present healthy food gorgeously that they will want to eat these food regularly.

My mommy friend, Patty and I at the Heinz #YourFoodDeservesBetter event

My mommy friend, Patty and I at the Heinz #YourFoodDeservesBetter event

Recently, I heard of the #YourFoodDeservesBetter campaign of Heinz when I attended their event. What Heinz wants, according to it’s Brand Manager from GBPI, Mr. Rae Guinto, is “that each personal moment with food should be unforgettable, savory, and full of excitement”.

Heinz and Bento By Kat

Heinz teamed up with Japanese-certified bento-box maker, Kat Maderazo, to teach us moms tricks on how to make kids’ baon more exciting.

Bento by KAt

Heinz’ mission is not only to enhance one’s taste and enjoyment of everyday food, but to elevate one’s overall eating experience as a whole. As the Heinz product lineup covers ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and vinegar to name a few, Heinz is the mommy’s brand of choice for condiments that compliment food and make not just the dish, but every mealtime even better.


During the bento-box-making tutorial by Kat Maderazo, we were all given their own workspaces and tools to create 1 bento-box lunch meal. To allow us to recreate their own bento designs at home, we used products and ingredients that are normally found in our home like  rice, vegetables, and of course a few Heinz products for color and flavor.

bento by Kat heinz 1

With the tips that Kat shared, I’m confident enough to start committing on making the food at home at least “look” better (I’m not sure about my cooking skills though yet so I wouldn’t want to commit to making the food taste great.. hehe!). Thank you Heinz for giving us the necessary tools to take the food that we prepare to the next level!

Join us as we spread the #YourFoodDeservesBetter campaign and share tips on how you can make your food amazing!