Get the Most from your Bucks with ZRewards

ZRewards by Zeal

I recently talked to an economist for my vlog and the biggest realization that I got from him is that need to accept that things will be “like this” (how it is for us now) for the next few years. This pandemic has greatly hit our economy and this is the time to tighten our belts.

I also talked with Financial Advisor, Oskie King. We talked about financial management in a time of crisis. Again, what Oskie says is that we have to think about where to place our money at a time like this. If you have extra funds, stay invested. For those who just have enough on a day to day basis, clearly think about where you are spending your money.

Sharing the interview with Oskie

So all of these experts really gave good advise. I’ve been successfully managing my finances since the beginning of the pandemic.

Come to think of it, we’re actually saving a lot more than we’re spending. We don’t have to go to the office. We can just cook food anytime we want.

But I don’t want to be a party pooper and just SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. We also need to relax. All these emotional ups and downs have made us tired and a little bit emotional lately (although I may just be speaking for myself 😄 Leave a comment below if you feel the same way).

Get the Most from your Bucks AND Reward Yourself with ZRewards

Who says rewarding yourself for doing a great job should always be expensive?

Be a Discount-hoarder. Kidding aside, times like these call for desperate measures. If we want to stay liquid in the long run, we have to greatly maximize the cash that we have. So let me share a little secret. I’ve discovered a site called ZRewards.

ZRewards by Zeal is the country’s newest one-stop shop for awesome deals. Through their website, users from all over the Philippines can grab hold of premium and solid offers redeemable at their favorite online shops and physical stores.

Signing up is free, so don’t worry about it. You can sign up here: 

Some Brands that are Part of ZRewards

ZRewards by Zeal offers great discounts from some of my favorite brands and stores. The bread that I love from JiPan is now at 15% off.

For those who need some eyebrow fixing and waxing services, my trusted brands Strip and Browhaus are at 20% off.

From the Bistro Group restaurants like Friday’s, Italiannis, Watami, Denny’s, etc., you can get great Buy 1 Get 1 delicious dishes.

There are other great deals being offered by ZRewards by Zeal.

When you sign up, please use my referral code: IQbQwfBzGU (Full Disclosure: I actually don’t know how this works and what I get from it. I just saw it and I figured to try it out.)

How to you avail of the Rewards at ZRewards

JiPan at ZRewards
JiPan at ZRewards

All you need to do is to sign up to ZRewards by Zeal. Then choose the deal that you want to get the discount coupon which you will then show the store (online or offline) to avail of the discount.

Very simple!

Sign up today: and please use my referral code: IQbQwfBzGU (Again… for full disclosure: I don’t know how this works and what I get from it. Just wanted to try it out).

ZRewards by Zeal is a brand under 917Ventures, the largest corporate incubator in the Philippines and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe

Let me know what you think of ZRewards in the comment section below. I’d love to hear your thoughts since this is really new.