Teeth Whitening at The Smile Bar

One of my insecurities come from how my teeth looks. I’ve never worn braces and my teeth are not as white as I’d like them to be. The probable reason and culprit would be my addiction to coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was in College. This probably makes me the hyper person that I am! hahaha! But kidding aside, I think I need to make this right. It’s time to look or ways to check and correct this.

Although, I’m insecure about this, I’m also the type who would put off something like this until really necessary already (like teeth falling off, etc! haha!). But before I reach my forties, I’d love to look the best that I can. So when I saw The Smile Bar at Uptown, I decided to try it out.

The Smile Bar is not a Dental Clinic. It’s a Teeth Whitening Bar. To explain what a Teeth whitening bar is, it can be compared to a home teeth whitening kit, but this one comes with guidance and the ambiance. The reason why home teeth whitening kits don’t work as much, too, is because no one really explains how you use those things.

The first step was to fill out a form. Then, AJ explained what I was about to go through. There are three choices at The Smile Bar: Single Whitening, Double Whitening or Triple Whitening. They will check the shade of your teeth first before suggesting what to get.

When they checked the shade of my teeth, it was at S34. It was quite high so they suggested that we do a Triple Whitening Session.

Check out the experience that I had at The Smile Bar.

After the session, the shade of my teeth dropped 6 shades. From S34, it’s now at S28. After the session, they placed a Nano Seal to protect my teeth from stains at least for 2 weeks.

I plan to go back again after two months and have another session. I really intend to make my teeth whiter this year.

Before visiting The Smile Bar, I really thought that I couldn’t do anything anymore to make my teeth whiter. But hey! There is still hope! Thank you The Smile Bar.

To get 10% off, you can go to The Smile Bar and give the code SMILEGINGER.

Visit this link for more information: http://www.the-smile-bar.ph/


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