That Thing Called Financially Free (Learn about Virtual Assistance!)

Huwow! The title sounds like an ad! Anyway, I just watched That Thing Called Tadhana, and the thing that kept bugging me, was how these two individuals managed to travel and travel for several days without worrying about money. Both of them were in their late 20s and about to reach 30. Both of them just came from Rome and yet they had the finances and the freedom to travel back to Manila, go on a road trip to Baguio and Sagada then back to Manila. Wow! I wondered what the jobs of these kids (kids talaga?) were? Although, she mentioned that she was a brand manager. Shucks, I remember when I was a brand manager, I didn’t have time to travel! I was always connected and could not afford to go on trips! So kawawa!

But, I guess I would have believed it more if they were both entrepreneurs or if both of them worked from home and were part of tech start-up companies! haha! Just kidding. But seriously, a lot of the people that I know, who are financially free, self-made and are still young are those that put up their own businesses or those with a lot of “rackets” on the side.

Back in 2010, I was already making extra bucks on the side as a blogger. I learned about Virtual Assistance and tried to write for different companies. In three weeks, I earned enough money to help me buy a new, “top-of-the-line” mobile phone. I imagine that a lot of people who are actually doing this right and who are really prioritizing this are earning a lot.

That is why I’m excited for you, guys, to meet my friend, Marge Aberasturi. This is her new website, which I really really love:¬†She will be the speaker of the first and workshop this 2015 entitled Set Up Your Virtual Assistance Business for Success.

Be A Virtual assistant


I highly recommend those of you who want to learn more about Virtual Assistance and to those who want to move toward the direction of starting your own VA business to attend this workshop. If you want to work-from-home this 2015, this is a good workshop to attend. There are still a few seats left so don’t forget to sign up at THIS LINK!

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