The Birthday Celebration for Daddy Ej

Everyone should deserve a break on their birthdays. I’m glad that my husband, Ej, got to have a day off from work for his birthday last Friday.

The day started early for him. When I woke up, he was actually playing his favorite iPad game already, Magic. I normally would reprimand him for always playing (he gets migraines and sometimes, I blame his excessive playing), but this time, I didn’t say anything about it and instead greeted him with a hug!

I had our helper go to Mrs. Fields at Treston School early that morning. She left at 8AM since the surprise I ordered will be ready by just around that time. The thing that I didn’t expect was that we had breakfast early that day. Ej asked me where the help was and I told him that she had to step out to buy load. He said ‘where did she buy load? Ba’t ang tagal nya? (Why is she taking so long?). To that I just laughed nervously.

Then after a while, she came back with the gigantic cookie with the words ‘Happy Birthday, Dada Ej! Love, Ginger and Zeeka’ written on top of it in blue and green icing. The cookie was a huge chocolate chip cookie in the shape of a heart. It was very delicious! Of course! It was from Mrs. Fields, so what do you expect 😉


Ej and Baby Z blowing the Cookie Cake

Ej and Baby Z blowing the Cookie Cake

For lunch, we went to eat at Lugang Cafe at SM Aura. I got to try the one in Greenhills before but Ej didn’t get to try it yet, so he was happy that we were trying it out.

String Beans with Salted Egg

I was happy that I could order my favorite vegetable dish again, which was String Beans with Salted Egg. For the complete review of the restaurant, please go to

After we ate, we went around the mall and then had coffee at Starbucks. I had a great chat with a friend from way back in high school. She had a baby, too, of around the same age as Baby Zeeka.

After that relaxing stay at Starbucks, we went back home so that the little one could rest.

Come dinner time, Ej and I decided to eat out and we decided to eat at Red Garlic Bistro. Again, you will get to read about the review in We just walked going to the restaurant from our place. We we’re chatting on our way to and from the restaurant. I really miss these long conversations with my husband. He really gives me a lot of good ideas for my business. With that short talk, I was able to come up with an outline for a talk that I was planning to give.

What was my gift for Ej? Well, I guess were in the stage in our marriage where a simple dinner would suffice already. I think every couple gets to a point when the priority in terms of spending will be for the kids already.

Speaking of spending and finances, I attended the free seminar of Sunlife for mommies, which I will share with you this week.

How about you? How do you spend your husband’s birthday?

Love lots,
Mommy Ginger

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