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In the virtual world, there are people whom I have become really great friends with and Beng and Maricel of The Parenting Emporium are people whom I value and really appreciate as friends. I was so happy when I found out about the news of this new brand of theirs, the Parenting Emporium. TPE is a social enterprise that has only one aim — to help make the parenting journey easier for you. I have been working with these two ladies for almost three years already and I can really say that these two ladies are really committed to make the parenting journey easier for all of us!

during The Parenting Emporium launch with Beng. Didn't get to have my picture taken with Maricel :(

during The Parenting Emporium launch with Beng. Didn’t get to have my picture taken with Maricel 🙁

With my lovely friends, Jane Kingsu-Cheng, Tina Rodriguez and Sanne Unson :)

With my lovely friends, Jane Kingsu-Cheng, Tina Rodriguez and Sanne Unson 🙂

With this higher purpose, The Parenting Emporium aims to become an industry leader and the primary brand among discerning consumers interested in parenting and childcare by providing products and support services that address every family’s concerns relating to pregnancy, health, nutrition, and education. These ladies and the parents in the community believe that we all need the support and wealth of knowledge offered by others, especially those are considered experts in their respective fields.

The Parenting Emporium Launch

The Parenting Emporium Launch

When Maricel and Beng announced this new brand and invited our team to be a partner, I was really excited. Although, we have been partners in holding workshops to help first time parents prepare themselves for Parenthood, building the community with other experts will take this community to the next level. I was super happy for them and for everyone in this community!

“We wanted to make sure that they would be able to give realistic and practical advice based not only on passion nor head knowledge, but also based on the realization that there are several ways to go about achieving a parenting goal,” Maricel emphasizes.

The partner experts were also chosen based on their values: “They are warm, caring, and approachable, yet they can give sound, authoritative counsel with no judgment,” Maricel shares.

Together with, we are with other partner experts, who will be making the right information available to the families in the TPE community on a daily basis through (1) the forums that will be launched on the TPE website, and (2) the classes that will be made available on a weekly basis at the Emporium as well as at partner venue sites (Domuschola International School, Playworks Philippines and Urban Ashram Manila):

For Pregnancy:

Chiqui Brosas-Hahn, U.S. Certified Childbirth Educator, Labor Coach/Doula and Breastfeeding Advocate/Financial Adviser (Childbirth Classes)

For Health:

Joy Dejos, Wife, Mother and Certified Professional Coach, known as the “MommyProofing Coach,” who supports moms in kicking Mommy Guilt
and Mommy Judgment to the curb (MommyProofing Classes)

Charlene Carlos and Leona Panutat, “Inspiration-Seekers,” Curators and Owners of L’Indochine (Decluttering and Creating Living Spaces Classes)

Jane Kingsu-Cheng, Marketing and Image Consultant, Magazine Editor, Manila Bulletin “Style Kit” Columnist, Blogger at and Mom of 3 (“Mommy Styling: The Reboot” Classes)

For Nutrition:

Abbie Venida-Yabot, Certified Lactation Counselor, La Leche League International Leader, Founder of The Breastfeeding Club, Wellness & Parenting Advocate, Life Coach and Mother of 4+1 (The Breastfeeding Club Classes)

Jacqueline Alleje, Chef, Founder and Co-Owner of Rizal Dairy Farms, Healthy Nutrition/Green Gourmet Culinary Instructor at Moderne Culinaire Academy (Cooking Healthy Workshops)

Jon Chua, Chef Instructor at Magsaysay Institute for Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA), Chef and Owner (with wife Raquel) of Mamachows Pastries, Hands-on Father of 3 (Cooking Demonstrations)

Joyce Martinez sharing her wish for TPE!

Joyce Martinez sharing her wish for TPE!

Joyce Ann Zaragoza-Martinez, Founder and Owner of Center for Lactation Care, Registered Nurse, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (“Breastfeeding Crash Course” Classes)

For Education:

Daisy Lauron and Jocelyn Godinez of Peek-A-Boo Yaya Training Services, which provides training, lectures and demos to help yayas meet the various housekeeping requirements of their employers, plus courses on newborn and toddler care, basic first aid, safety precautions against various criminal modus operandi, and breastfeeding support (Yaya Seminars)

Dindi Besinga-Manlapaz, Founder, Meet the Art Masters Developer, Arts & Crafts Teacher at Likhangbata Creativity Center, Freelance Graphic Designer, Digital Artist, Housewife and Mother of 2 (“Meet the Art Masters” Classes)

Ginger Arboleda and the Manila Workshops Team, a provider of quality lifestyle workshops for individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals in life (First Time Parents Workshop Series)

Mariel Uyquiengco and Rosanne Unson of The Learning Basket. Mariel is a U.S. licensed Kindermusik educator and a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, while Rosanne has taken Literacy units at the University of the Philippines’ Open University. (Parent and “TeacherYaya” Education Classes)

Martine De Luna sharing what she will do with TPE :)

Martine De Luna sharing what she will do with TPE 🙂

Martine de Luna, Award-winning Blogger at and Digital Consultant specializing in Blogging and Social Media (Blogging Workshops)

Tanya Velasco, M.A., and GURUFIRM, a company that provides Training and Consultancy Services on early childhood education, family life
education, and lifelong learning (Family Life & Child Development Classes)

Your truly with some Martine De Luna and Tina Rodriguez #WAHMs

Your truly with some Martine De Luna and Tina Rodriguez #WAHMs

Aside from these experts that you can easily reach out to, there are also products and brands that you can purchase from their store:

2015-07-03 11.15.58

The Parenting Emporium

Baby K’Tan
Belly Armor
Bios Dynamis*
Comflor and Bebedom Playmats
Esensya Productos Artesanales-Esensya Handcrafted Products*
Little Luli
Mother K All Natural Baby Wipes
Nature to Nurture
Nature’s Farmacy
Nipa Foods*
Snug-a-Hug … and many more!

Also, as firm believers of “giving back” and the model of social enterprises, Maricel and Beng have set up The Parenting Emporium such that customers can contribute at various levels and benefit different groups as well.

“A certain percentage from all TPE purchases go back to our advocacy work,” Maricel explains. “All purchases directly benefit our advocacies.” Besides the existing start-up social enterprises under TPE’s list of “Brands That Give Back”, Beng and Maricel will be in constant search for other start-up social enterprises so that they can be featured in the Emporium.

Aside from these, TPE pledges to work with local communities through start-ups like WeBoo Inc., which supports bamboo plantation farmers in Bulacan. WeBoo is one of TPE’s partners for their private labels, TPE Solutions: Natural Play, which will be launched in the near future. TPE also has a Milk Sharing Hub, which has provided over 2,000 liters of donated breastmilk to needy babies.

To learn more about The Parenting Emporium, please visit, or call 725-3723/ 0917-6247246

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