The Philosophy of my Life

Philosophy is the study of the general and fundamental nature of reality, existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind and language (Wikipedia). Being an overthinker, I love that word. I love thinking about the reason why we exist, the reason why we act the way we do and the reason why we think about the things that we think about. And normally, I get to that state where I think about these things when I’m feeling either down or when I’m inspired.

And lately, I’ve been feeling inspired! Why shouldn’t I be, right? There are so many things that we need to be thankful for. Living is such a fun thing to do! I was recently invited by my friend, Martine De Luna for the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy Event in Megamall and I saw this written on the wall…

Philosophy Store in Megamall

It reminded me of the essential things in life. ¬†We, oftentimes, think that the reason we all exist needs to be that huge or that life changing. I know that I talk about leaving a legacy and making a difference in the world, but I never mentioned the expanse of the dream or the legacy. Why? Because our reasons really differ and the expanse of a certain action is not measured by quantity. I don’t even think that it can be measured by quality, even. If you want to make a difference or if you want to leave a legacy, there are thousand things that you can do and all of these things start with the simplest of things, which is wanting it.

If you want to be a good mother, then be one. If you want to be the best wife ever, be one. If you want to be the best girlfriend, be one. If you want to be the best doctor or lawyer, be one. If you want to help entrepreneurs start their own businesses, then do so. If you want to change lives with the things you write in your blog, then do it.

We need to keep our lives simple. My philosophy starting today is to keep everything simple. If I feel like saying I Love You, i’ll do it. If I feel like crying, I will cry (parang baliw lang). Everything becomes clearer when we go back to the basics. Even in taking care of ourselves, we need to go back to the basics.

I was reminded of that during the event. This simple facial that was given to us reminded me of how grateful I am for little ‘pampering’ moments like these.

Philosophy 1

Me and Mommy Vanessa of

Me and Mommy Vanessa of

This bottle, which I actually purchased that day because it amazingly brightened my skin, also reminded me that I should make it a point to brighten someone else’s day. It reminded me that me need to be a source of inspiration to others so that they can also be sources of inspiration for other people.

We should brighten another person's day!

We should brighten another person’s day!

And no matter where we are, we need to co-exist with other people. We need to live in harmony with others. This sense of community comes from a simple seed of the innate goodness that we have — of wanting to do good for and to others.

co-exist with Philosophy


It’s now time to free ourselves of any inhibitions. Now is the time to achieve dreams and make things happen. I believe that each one of us is placed on this world for a reason. Time is the most valuable asset we could ever own. Let’s use it wisely.


philosophy 2

This is not your usual event review or product review. By just visiting this Philosophy store, it actually made me think of so many things (weirdly so!). Each product made me think of a lesson or a philosophy in life that I would actually live by from now on. It was a meaningful and lovely afternoon. Thank you, Martine and Philosophy for inviting me. *hugs*

Yours Truly and the other lovely ladies at the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy gathering!

Yours Truly and the other lovely ladies at the MakeitBlissful x Philosophy gathering!

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