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When I was working for a company in Ortigas, I used to pass Sapphire Road going the Robinsons Galleria. I used to think that if I were to get married and have child, I would choose having a condo in that area and send to my child to a school in that area. Several years after, I revisit this community and it’s a very nice community indeed. In this community, there is a place that offers a program for children that is developmentally appropriate and infused with activities that are experiential and hands-on. It’s called The SchoolRoom, and I know this because we visited the place just recently.

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Their curriculum is designed the synchronize the teaching method with the ability and skill set of learners.It embodies a representative approach on early childhood learning where it stimulates critical thinking through play, project based activities and centers.

We often say that all of these learning centers for little kids are all the same. The value proposition really of The SchoolRoom is that they advocate providing high quality early childhood education using Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) through a planned curriculum. They also have very nurturing (which I could attest to based on how they interacted with my daughter when we visited) and qualified educators, whose main objective is to develop these five areas: physical, cognitive, social & emotional, language & literacy and sensory & motor development.


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They have 4 programs: the Infant toddler, Nursery, Pre-Kinder and Kinder programs. They also have After School Programs for those ages 2-3 which is the Child Care Fun and the big SchoolRoom for those ages 4-5. They also have the SchoolRoom Daycare for ages 1.5 – 5 years old from 8:00 pm to 4:00 pm which I think they need to extend (especially for working parents in the Ortigas Area).

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My daughter loved it there.  She didn’t want to leave Mr. Monkey behind. Most of all though, I love the mission of the company (you know me… I’m all about the bigger picture!). Their mission is to mold children into critical thinkers and learners, capable of sound decision making, effective problem solving and with a healthy emotional well-being. Doesn’t that sound like something we aim for as parents? It really struck me, that’s why I already love this center.

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The tuition rates are from Php 96,000 to Php 105,600 depending on the payment scheme that you choose. Their rates are quite reasonable (believe me!). Daily rate is at Php 1500.00 and the weekly rate is at Php 3800.

If you want to know more about the SchoolRoom, feel free to visit their website: The facebook page is or you can send them an email:


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