The WAHM Life and the WAHM Time

I am panting! I have done so many things today and yet why do I still have tons to do. I practically have more than half of a bond paper with all of my to do’s still uncrossed. I actually wanted to skip posting in my blog today, but since I have made a resolution to achieve all of my goals, I did not want to skip posting this article. In my action plans list, I have blogging at least twice a week as an entry.

I sometimes forget to do that so pictures and ideas pile up as files in my phone and laptop, but I don’t get to update any of my blogs. Why am I so busy? I think I’m even busier now that I’m not employed. When you meet my friends, they will say that it’s typical for me to be ‘always busy’, but I shun whatever they say since I think i’m not that busy. But today, alas! I myself am convinced that I am a ROBOT!

I have three planners all with list of things that I need to do. For those of you wondering, yes, I have three. One for my blogs, the other for my schedule and the other for my household checklist of to do’s. Aside from that, I have a desk calendar (as if three planners were not enough to remind me of where I should be or what to do at a particular moment) that tells me of all of my appointments. Also, to add to all of these things, I have my Google calendar reminding me through my phone and my email.

As work-at-home-moms and mompreneurs, people think that we handle our own time so we’re not that busy. I agree in the handling our own time part, but as for us not being busy, try juggling between breastfeeding a baby, to getting to a meeting on time, to blogging regularly, to handling inquiries in the website you own, to shipping orders, to inventory checking, to going to the bank, to running to the grocery, to giving the pay to the maids, to worrying about that aircon that needs to be cleaned, to worrying about the baby’s next doctor’s appointment, etc. I practically breeze through lunch and taking a shower. Sometimes, I don’t even want to get up just to go to the toilet.

But working at home made me closer to my baby and that was really the plan. I love being around her. When I need a break, all I do is go to the other room and play with her. I get to hear her say ‘bo’ (ball) or ‘bird’ (bi) or ‘mama’ often. I get to hug her every time she nurses and that’s at least 6 times a day.

My life isn’t perfect. There are times when I am so stressed because I feel like I don’t get things done, but the thought or being with my family and the thought that all of these things I am doing is for them, I am happy and contented. Although, at times, I know that I would need some tips on how to handle things more efficiently. I know that you would want some tips, too. The beauty of being in a community of women (WAHMderful Life sisterhood) who are almost in the exact situation as you are in is that you get to share best practices and tips with each other.

So for the start of the year, we’d like to invite you to the WAHMderful Year Starter Workshop 2014, where you will get so many useful tips on how to start your year right as a WAHM. We get so many inquiries on time management, so for this run, most of the day will be set aside for managing your time.

WAHMderful Workshops YEAR STARTER

This workshop is brought to you by Manila Workshops, the WAHMderful Life Sisterhood and Insular Life! Thank you Insular Life for being our sponsor.

You have until Friday to avail of the Early bird rate, but even if you don’t the regular rate is really worth it.

The speakers for this WAHM workshop will be Martine De Luna and Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag. Sign up now and I really hope to see you in this workshop!

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