Time Efficiency Top tips for the Working Mom

Time Efficiency Top tips for the Working Mom

Being a working mom can be extremely stressful and you have a lot of balls juggling at all times. A Mom does tend to be the default parent in the sense of worrying about the kid’s packed lunches, events and goings on at school and clubs, making sure they have their dental and doctor visits when needed as well as looking after them when they are sick. This can go along with having a job and also maintaining the house, especially those single Moms who do it all alone. 

Unfortunately with some jobs, especially when it is more of a career-focused one, the work can sometimes come home with you and the little time you have with your children or for yourself can be limited. The best and most rewarding trait for these types of women is to be organised and efficient. If you can take shortcuts or do things differently to give you more time it can make the world of difference. 

Plan Ahead And Schedule Things In

The first thing you should be doing if you aren’t already is having a plan and schedule, whether it is daily, monthly or weekly. Whatever works best for you. You can get a physical one if that is what suits you better but you can also get online and shared online calendars. Shared ones are perfect for colleagues, family members and other people who may be in your life a lot from work projects to babysitting the kids. The important thing is to schedule absolutely everything, things like:

  • Doctors appointments
  • Dentist appointments
  • School events
  • Non-uniform days at school
  • Visiting family
  • Meeting with friends
  • Work meetings
  • Work events
  • If you need to call a plumber
  • Children’s playdates
  • Window cleaner visits

If you have an online calendar or one on your phone you can schedule all of these in and set them to remind you on the day or just before it happens. That way you can be completely in control and won’t be forgetting anything. 

Kitchen Appliances For Speeding Things Up

We can end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen with all the chores and jobs to do in there. You can get a few things in your kitchen to give you more free time at the end of the day so you can spend that quality time with your family. The first thing is to get an Air Fryer. They are extremely popular now but the best thing is that it cooks things a lot quicker. The same with Instant Pot. Having these things will make your home-cooked meals a lot faster so you don’t have to waste money on takeout after a long day at work. The other thing is to get a dishwasher. Washing up is such a mundane task and you can simply get a dishwasher to load and do it while you sleep. Loading and unloading is a great first chore to give the kids too. Just make sure you look after it. So if the dishwasher isn’t drying, make sure you look into it and get it fixed right. 

Batch Cook And Meal Plan

Saving time cooking is one of the best things you can do and batch cooking and meal planning are the way forward. It won’t only save you time but it will also make sure you are being healthy and having a variety of meals while reducing the amount of waste you have in your home. If you spend an afternoon on the weekend preparing and cooking up a big batch of meals to have throughout the week then all you need to do when you get home from work is pop them in the oven or the microwave and sit down to a delicious home-cooked meal with your family. It is also a great way to plan ahead breakfasts like making breakfast muffins for the week and popping them in the freezer so you only need to warm them up in the morning. This gives you more time in the morning to get yourself and the kids ready without stressing and rushing around. 

Be Clear With Your Employer And Maintain Work/Life Boundaries

In some careers, employers will want their staff to go above and beyond in the sense of doing more work, staying late and doing things not in their job contract. While this is good in some aspects, things like staying late won’t work if you have the school run to do. So be clear on what you can do and what you can’t from the start.

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